July 5, 2019

9 Super Fun, Interesting Electives to Spice Up Your Semester

Electives are a great way to explore areas you’re interested in outside your degree.

This broader learning is useful, but you don’t want it taking up your whole life, right? And you probably want the content to be interesting and valuable… seeing as you’re paying for the unit and all.

Finessing your electives takes skill, and usually a fair amount of researching. That’s where we come in – we did the research for you.

We asked students what the most interesting, fun unit they have done was, and put the best ones together for you. These units are all universally useful, manageable, and above all they are super interesting – no prerequisites required. For a full list of best units of all difficulty levels, check out our Best Units Guide!

“COMM1001 Is pretty lowkey, no exam and Tauel is great too 🙏🏼”
“Tauel is amazing, most engaging lecturer I’ve ever had in my three years at uni.”

As an introductory unit to media and communication in general, COMM1001 provides students with valuable communications skills they can use in the rest of their studies. With no exam and 30% of the unit coming from participation, it’s an ideal unit for those looking to expand their skills in a low-stress environment.

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"This unit had so much real life relevance. Even though I’m not studying marketing, I found it very useful. I also had a great tutor for this unit!"

Gain an insight into how marketing works, for both organisations and individuals. This unit emphasises participation and teamwork and has no exam. Interesting content and low contact hours make this a great option for a Level 1 elective!

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“Dr Nicola made everything so fun to learn!”
“Best unit for learning a language”

One of the most highly rated language units, KORE1401 starts with the basics of Korean grammar and vocab. It also provides great insight into Korean culture and society, with very contextual learning outcomes. Challenge yourself to something new and fun!

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“Such a fun unit, introduced me to Eurovision which I have become obsessed with. The coordinator makes everything so engaging and fun to learn.”

Covering everything from hip-hop to Bollywood, MUSC1350 promotes an understanding of pop music from a global perspective. Fortnightly tutorials keep the hours low, but the content is ideal for anyone with an interest in music and how it shapes cultures.

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“Highly recommend! Rubin is brilliant and engaging and the unit content was so fun.”

This unit introduces ethical theory, and what constitutes right and wrong, as well as issues of global justice. The content covered in PHIL1001 will stay with you long after semester is over, and touches on theories that are extremely relevant in today’s cultural climate.

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“This is probably the best organised unit I have done. The requirements are clear and there is a definite focus on engagement and collaborative learning.”

If you’re interested in how the mind works, then no matter what your major is this unit is the elective for you!

Content focuses on the brain and how it relates to basic learning processes, memory, thinking, and perception. Gain awareness of the mind and your own brain with this well-organised, structured unit that’s guaranteed to make you think!

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“Very interesting content, unit was well organised and applied aspects of history and public health/medical knowledge through lectures, primary sources, discussions etc. Fantastic!”
"Really good unit! The content was super interesting! 5 tuts over the semester and 5 mini MCQs! The final exam was open book and we got to choose what topics we wrote on! The essay was great and really easy to put together a good answer! Highly recommend as a broadening unit!"

Harking right back to very early medicine, this unit takes you through the changing relationships between human health, medical technology and environmental resources in past societies. Highly rated by students, this Level 2 elective is very engaging and well organised!

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“Great unit to loosen up; with your choice of sailing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or mountain biking.”

One of the more practical electives, Active Leadership 1 allows you to investigate the attributes of effective leadership through experiential (rather than theoretical) learning. If you’re after something a bit different, this is a great way to learn valuable leadership skills while getting out in the fresh air!

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”No exam, weekly quizzes and an end of semester project – educates you on how to study for other units!”

In an ever-advancing world of technology, this unit explores mobile learning around the globe, taking in issues in the developing and developed world. It spans the whole range of technology from feature phones to smart devices and wearables, exploring educational possibilities from e-books and apps through multimedia recording and social/professional networking to QR codes and immersive augmented reality.

This rapid shift in learning is ongoing, and this unit is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and better equip yourself for learning in other units.

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