A little bit about the Albany Students' Association

​UWA Albany was established in 1999 and encompasses the Albany Centre, the Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management, and the Rural Clinical School of Western Australia.

The Albany Students' Association works to provide services and representation within the Guild to the students studying at the Albany campus.

Albany Students' Association Committee

Albany Students' Association President: Kimberley Plug
Vice President: Anni Kagi
Secretary: Michelle T’Hart
Treasurers: Callum Greenwald & Tom Jai
1st Year Rep: Cassidy Davis
2nd Year Rep: Liz Bosch
3rd Year Rep: Vanessa Jackson, Lauren Coyle & Owen Davies
Ordinary Committee Members: Francine T’Hart & Nava Wilson-Mirzaei

Student Representatives

Catherine Sterling

Student Representative

Kimberley Plug

Head of Department

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