June 17, 2019

Referencing Styles at UWA

Should we condense the number of referencing styles at UWA

Have you ever been frustrated by the number of referencing styles that are used across UWA? Or annoyed that you got marked down for using Harvard referencing, not UWA Harvard referencing? I know I certainly have.

We have been working on a discussion paper with the Library about the number of referencing styles used across UWA – it’s currently more than any other university in Australia. From the consultation we’ve done so far, most people would prefer for fewer styles to be used across the university, and for more consistency across your course. Furthermore, if less referencing styles were used it would be easier for the university to support you when you get stuck with referencing.

Here’s a draft of the discussion paper, which will be discussed at the University’s teaching and learning committee. We’d love your thoughts – take two minutes tolet us know what you think here.

Hope you’re enjoying your winter break!

Best Wishes


Conrad Hogg
106th Guild President