June 10, 2019

What the F is happening with the Ref

We’ve had a lot of people asking what’s going on with the Ref development project, so we took to the campus to answer your questions.

Why is the Ref Development delayed?

The City of Perth changed the regulatory restrictions, which meant that extraction from all outlets (for the fumes) needed to be shielded from view from the road. This meant that our architects had to design screening, and then submit that design to the City of Perth – it’s still sitting with them for approval, blocking further progression at this time.

When is the Ref Opening?

It’s hard to say – it takes 60 days from filing a DA (Development Application) with the City of Perth until the Ref can actually open. We are hoping that it will be open for the start of Semester 2.

Why is Utopia open, but not the rest of the outlets?

Utopia does not need extraction, which meant we were able to open it straight away.

What's happening with the food trucks?

It’s always been the intention to have food trucks all around campus. At the moment the Guild is working with Campus Management to try and have Jumplings and George’s Kebabs food trucks located by the Business School.

IGA is coming to Guild Village!

We have recently signed a Heads of Agreement with IGA! Construction will start soon for a space in Guild Village where IGA can provide convenience store products on campus. Stay tuned for more information about the construction and progression of the new IGA.

Watch the video here.