Student Leadership Training (SLT) is a FREE two day course provided by the Guild, aiming to arm students with the necessary skills to become confident and effective leaders.

It’s a requirement that two executive committee members from each Guild-affiliated club complete this training (including the club President). SLT courses are valid for 3 years from the date of completion. If you've completed an SLT course in the last 3 years, then you do not need to complete SLT in 2024. 

Course schedule (2024):

SLT courses will be run throughout 2024 and club executives must complete a course by the end of the year. The dates for the next 3 sessions are:

  • 26-27th June
  • 3-4th July
  • 10-11th July

These are the last dates for SLT in 2024. Spaces are limited. Please contact Guild Events team if you have any questions – [email protected]. Students are expected to choose the date that works best for them. The training will be in EZONECENT: [ 206] Giumelli Learning Studio 1 and EZONECENT: [ 207] Giumelli Learning Studio 2. You can register using the links below.

Registration links:

SLT Requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 executives from each club must complete SLT, including the President.
  • Minimum of 4 executives if your club organises, or plans to organise a Camp, Pub Crawl or an event where your club is responsible for the service of alcohol.

First Aid Training

The Guild has secured discounted First Aid training in Provide First Aid, HLTAID011 for Clubs, Societies and FacSoc members through St John Ambulance WA at a price of $99 (normally $177) per person.

First Aid training is a great skill to have in any situation and is highly recommended for all students.

Participants who successfully complete the requirements of this course will receive the following certification:

• HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

• HLTAID010 Basic Emergency Life Support

• HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

How to book

Students and UWA Guild Clubs have two options:

1. Complete training on campus


2. Complete training at a St John’s training centre

Option 1: Complete training on campus:

1. To book a First Aid course on campus for your Club, Society or FacSoc, you will need a minimum of 10 people.

2. The organiser from the club must email St John’s at [email protected] and provide them with a preferred date for the course.

3. St John WA will get in touch with the organiser to confirm and discuss details of room requirements and delivery of training equipment. Upon confirmation, each student attending the course will need to pay for the course. After payment students will receive an enrolment confirmation email from St John with a link to complete pre-reading. The club can pay the whole amount, or each person can pay individually with St John

WA by calling 08 9334 1233. Payment must be done with the enrolment. St John WA requires names and the individual email address for each participant to enrol for the course.

4. Clubs must book their own room/venue and complete an EMP. St John WA will requires a room with enough floor space (min 2sqm per person, during COVID 4sqm will be required) and chairs for participants. Excess furniture should be moved to the side of the rooms. St John WA will discuss all the specifics in terms of rooms and logistics with the requestor of the course.

Option 2: Complete training at a St John’s training centre

1. You may book a private session at one of St John’s training centre for your club with a minimum of 10 participants. To book please contact St John WA via email [email protected]

If you do not have the required numbers to organise private courses you may book a course with St John WA individually at any training centre by calling 08 9334 1233: The cost of the training will be $128 per student, the Student ID# will need to be provided over the phone.

A link to all St John’s training centres and online booking for public courses can be also found here.