June 7, 2019

The Guild thanks VC Dawn Freshwater

Earlier this week the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dawn Freshwater announced that she would be stepping down in March 2020 to take up the position of Vice-Chancellor at the University of Auckland.

The Guild would like to thank Prof. Dawn Freshwater for her service as the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

From the start of her term, Prof. Freshwater has taken positive steps to engaging the student body and improving the student experience. This started with The Partnership Agreement, which she initiated with 104th Guild President Nevin Jayawardena in 2017. Since then, she and her executive team have worked closely with the Guild to make improvements to student life at UWA. This includes the new lecture capture policy, a fairer assessment policy, WiFi upgrades, and a new lecture capture system, just to name a select few projects.

More recently, she has also spearheaded Vision 2030 to best position the University for the next 10 years. Continuing to improve and uplift the student experience for every student is central to this through the Education Plan and will have a lasting impact on UWA.

We look forward to working closely with the Vice-Chancellor through to the end of her term in March next year and continuing this close relationship with her successor.

Best Wishes


Conrad Hogg
106th Guild President