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Staff Directory

Guild Staff

Student Position Email Phone
Chloë Keller Executive Assistant (Mon, Tues, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 3760
Melissa Hetherington Archivist (Mon, Thurs, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 2832
Lauren Mocke WHS & Admin Assistant (Thurs, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 2230
Guild Student Centre Admin [email protected] (08) 6488 1057
General Admin [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Rodney Taylor (Long Service Leave) Catering Retail Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 3763
Barbara Buxmann Catering Outlet Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2313
Aline Tavares Functions Coordinator [email protected] (08) 6488 2315
Fernanda Leme Bookshop Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2310
Irene Conway Senior Supervisor of Catering Outlets [email protected] (08) 6488 1822
Hayden Greenham Tavern Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2318

Student Position Email Phone
Xander Sinclair Creative Officer (Mon, Tue, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 3929
Elise De Haas Creative Officer (Tues, Wed) (Thurs – via email) [email protected] (08) 6488 3929
Caitlin MacPhail Marketing Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 3408

Student Position Email Phone
Alice Glazyrina Business Support Officer (Events) [email protected] (08) 6488 2291
Leigh Chalmers Events Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 3762

Student Position Email Phone
Steph McRoberts Business Support Officer (Finance & Admin) [email protected] (08) 6488 2296
Darryl Sanders Finance Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 3407
Nicola Norris Accountant [email protected] (08) 6488 2293
Fiona Lie Assistant Accountant [email protected] (08) 6488 2811
Giselle Araujo Business Support Officer (Finance & Admin) [email protected] (08) 6488 2296

Student Position Email Phone
Ayeesha Fredericksen Volunteering Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 5891
Antonia Taylor Volunteering Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 5891

Student Position Email Phone
Kelvin Lee ICT & Digital Projects Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 3068

Student Position Email Phone
Tony Goodman Managing Director [email protected] (08) 6488 2271
Conrad Hogg Guild President [email protected] (08) 6488 2294
Chloe Jackson (on Maternity Leave – July 2020) Associate Director – Student Services [email protected] (08) 6488 5340
Mutya Maraginot-Joseph Finance Director [email protected] (08) 6488 2928
Jenny Ophel Associate Director – Human Resources [email protected] (08) 6488 4312
Jack Spagnuolo Associate Director – Commercial [email protected] (08) 6488 2314

Student Position Email Phone
Wade Wong Student Assist Officer [email protected] 08 6488 2284
Vanesse Cronje Student Assist Counsellor [email protected] (08) 6488 1057
Denise Murphy Student Assist Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 1681
Annabel Heyward Student Assist Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 8017

Student Representatives

Student Position Email Phone
Vin Kalim Welfare Officer [email protected]
Brianne Yarran WASAC Chair [email protected]
Clarice Antero Environment Officer [email protected]
Bre Shanahan Women’s Officer [email protected]
Alexander Tan Postgraduate Students’ Association President [email protected]
Nisa Shahrin International Students’ Officer [email protected]
Nathan Pot Albany Students’ Association President [email protected]
Martha McKinley & Saskia Mason Pride Officers [email protected]
Luke Thomas Residential Students’ Department President [email protected]
Lauren Espinoza & Mike Anderson Access Officers [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Patricia Paguio Chair of the Guild Council [email protected]
Conrad Hogg Guild President [email protected] (08) 6488 2294
Luke Thomas Guild General Secretary [email protected]
Joseph Chan Guild Vice President [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
TBC Multicultural Week Managing Director [email protected]
Suchi Kalia Relay for Life Chairs [email protected]
Sophie Minissale Pelican Magazine Editor [email protected] (08) 6488 2284
Jim Leipold & Megan Lee PROSH Directors [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Shahid Ahmed Khan Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Scott Harney Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Saleem Al Odeh Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Raaghav Raj Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Callum Lindsay Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Fang Ke Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Bradan Sonnendecker Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Ben Perry Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Olivia Bartlett Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Neve Staltari Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Jade Wu Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Daniel Kuzich Guild Sports Representative [email protected]
Conrad Hogg & Alexander Tan University Senate Representatives [email protected]
Elliott Wallace Volunteering and Community Engagement Committee Chair [email protected]
Megan Lee Immediate Past President [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Taco Shiraishi Societies Council President [email protected]
Nitin Narula Public Affairs Council President [email protected]
Lincoln Aspinall Education Council President [email protected]

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