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Guild Staff

Student Position Email Phone
Chloë Keller Executive Assistant (Mon, Tues, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 3760
General Admin [email protected]
Lauren Mocke (Maternity Leave) WHS & Admin Assistant (Thurs, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 2230
Guild Student Centre Admin [email protected] (08) 6488 2295

Student Position Email Phone
Fernanda Leme (Maternity Leave) Bookshop Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2310
Chen Han Koon Head Chef [email protected] (08) 6488 4869 or (08) 6488 2287
Brenda Pfeffer Functions Coordinator & Catering Admin Assistant [email protected] (08) 6488 2315
Barbara Buxmann (Maternity leave until Oct 2022) Catering Outlet Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2313
Aline Tavares (Maternity leave) Functions Coordinator [email protected] (08) 6488 2315
Gus Potenza Tavern Manager & Retail Outlets Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2318
Roberto Soares Bookshop Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2310
Renato (Ray) Jeremy Tavern Assistant Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 2318

Student Position Email Phone
Alice Glazyrina Business Support Officer - Events (Thurs, Fri) [email protected] (08) 6488 2291
Leigh Chalmers Events Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 3762
Georgia Masters Business Support Officer - Events (Mon, Tues, Wed) [email protected] (08) 6488 2291

Student Position Email Phone
Fernanda Torres Campos Business Support Officer (Finance & Admin) [email protected] (08) 6488 2296
Elaine Yan Accountant [email protected] (08) 6488 2293
Christine Chok Bookkeeper [email protected] (08) 6488 3407
Charlene How Finance Assistant [email protected] (08) 6488 2811
Cameron Jeffrey Archivist [email protected] (08) 6488 2832
Giselle Araujo (Maternity Leave) Business Support Officer (Finance & Admin) [email protected] (08) 6488 2296

Student Position Email Phone
Clare MacNish Volunteering Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 7838
Renee Nguyen Guild Volunteering Assistant [email protected] (08) 6488 5891

Student Position Email Phone
Kelvin Lee ICT & Digital Projects Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 3068
TBC (ICT) ICT Support Officer (08) 6488 8104

Student Position Email Phone
Chloe Bull Associate Director – Venture [email protected] (08) 6488 5340
Mutya Maraginot-Joseph Finance Director [email protected] (08) 6488 2928
Jenny Ophel Associate Director – Student Services & Human Resources [email protected] (08) 6488 4312
Jack Spagnuolo Associate Director – Commercial [email protected] (08) 6488 2314
Tony Goodman Managing Director [email protected] (08) 6488 2271

Student Position Email Phone
Caitlin MacPhail Marketing & Communications Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 3408
Xander Sinclair Design Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 3929
Jessie Yong Creative Officer [email protected]
Jasmine Koong Marketing Assistant [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Alana Thompson Student Assist Manager [email protected] (08) 6488 8017
Zoe Wickham Student Assist Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 2284
Vanesse Cronje Student Assist Counsellor [email protected] (08) 6488 1057
Rosa Catalano Student Assist Officer [email protected] (08) 6488 1681

Student Representatives

Student Position Email Phone
Dana Fung & Melani De Alwis Access Co-Officers [email protected]
Adam Elyousef & Amira Nunn Ethnocultural Co-Officers [email protected]
Chloe Bryant Women’s Officer [email protected]
Geemal Jayawickrama International Students’ Officer [email protected]
Sapphire Carter Welfare Officer [email protected]
Nakita Humes & Rebeka Morrison WASAC Co-Chairs [email protected]
Max Beard Postgraduate Students’ Association President [email protected]
Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahim & Samantha Crampton Mature Aged Students' Association (MASA) Co-Chairs [email protected]
Iknur Virik Environment Officer [email protected]
Robert Whitehurst Residential Students’ Department President [email protected]
Paris Javid & Kaelin Abrahams Pride Officers [email protected]
Owen Davies Albany Students’ Association President [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Aidan Mansfield Guild Vice President [email protected]
Amitabh Jeganathan Guild President [email protected]
Narendra Gammanpila Guild General Secretary [email protected]
Rashdina Ramli Chair of the Guild Council [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
TBC Multicultural Week Managing Director [email protected]
Madison Holling & Dylan Turner Relay for Life Chairs [email protected]
Eleanor White & April Htun PROSH Directors [email protected]
Emma Forsythe & Camila Egusquiza Pelican Magazine Editors [email protected] (08) 6488 2284

Student Position Email Phone
Daniel Roden Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Charlotte Kennedy Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Catherine Cheesman Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Abanoub (Boni) Riad Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Louis Cheng Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Julia Aguinot Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Misha Riaz Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Natasha Nicole Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Tanisha Kothari Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Prisha Goel Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]
Nicole McEwen Ordinary Guild Councillor [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
Emma Mezger Immediate Past President [email protected]
Ethan Nicholas Volunteering Committee Chair [email protected]
Joseph Kaddis Guild Sports Representative [email protected]
Amitabh Jeganathan & Max Beard University Senate Representatives [email protected]

Student Position Email Phone
David Hallam Education Council President [email protected]
Maria Waters Public Affairs Council President [email protected]
Jak Beard Societies Council President [email protected]

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