A little bit about PSA

​The UWA Postgraduate Students’ Association (PSA) is the representative body for postgraduate students at UWA.

Every postgraduate is automatically a member of the PSA upon enrolment – including both Coursework and Research students. The PSA is run by a committee of elected representatives.

Our core functions are representation, advocacy and providing services to postgraduate students. The PSA also organises a number of informative and social events throughout the year to foster a sense of community among postgraduates.

We aim to make postgraduate students at UWA more visible; to each other, to administrators, and to those outside the University. We also hope to improve communication between postgraduates and relevant service providers at UWA. We believe that some of the most important work of postgraduate students happens outside the office or lab – at conferences, networking events, and social evenings. The PSA helps postgraduates get to these events.

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PSA Committee 2023
Position Name Contact
President Viknash VM [email protected]
Vice-President (Coursework) Olivia Triglavcanin [email protected]
Vice-President (Research) Agyeya Pratap [email protected]
Vice-President (Social) Anuradha Muhkerjee [email protected]
General Secretary Jerry Mathias [email protected]
Equity & Sustainability Officer Yinka Idowu [email protected]
International Students' Officer Ophelia Yong [email protected]
Media Officer Clara Nangoy [email protected]
Faculty of Science Representative (Research) Ryan Lopez [email protected]
Faculty of Science Representative (Coursework) Surya Teja [email protected]
Faculty of ABLE Representative (Research) Carolyn Maxwell [email protected]
Faculty of ABLE Representative (Coursework) Madhuvanthi Saravanan [email protected]
Faculty of HMS Representative (Research) Shawn Raphael Tan [email protected]
Faculty of HMS Representative (Coursework) TBC [email protected]
Faculty of EMS Representative (Research) Dawn (Mengmeng) Xu [email protected]
Faculty of EMS Representative (Coursework) TBC [email protected].au
Ordinary Committee Member Dana Stubbs
Ordinary Committee Member Aman Chokhani
Ordinary Committee Member Sam Beard
Ordinary Committee Member Shefali Yadav
Immediate Past President Max Beard

Sub Departments

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Viknash Vm

Head of Department

Student Representatives

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Viknash Vm

Head of Department

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