Get more than a degree

The Guild remains dedicated to providing the best University experience possible for all students, enabling them to graduate with more than just a degree.

Get represented

Elected by the student body, the Guild Council leads the Guild and provides student representation on many important University boards and committees.

Did you know: we are the only University body funded by the SSAF that is run BY students as well as for them!

Get social

With over 150 clubs and societies, there’s a huge range of social and career-based events being held across campus. All clubs receive funding and support from the Guild - and if you have an idea for a new club, we can help you get started! Check out our huge list of clubs and societies here.

Get involved

O-Day, Club Carnivals, Multicultural Week and End of Semester parties are just some of the multitude of events put on by the Guild – there’s always something going on!

The Guild Volunteering team works hard to bring you a huge range of volunteering opportunities, including day trips and micro-volunteering sessions – make friends, expand your horizons and have an impact.

Departments, Collectives and Associations under the Guild such as the Postgraduate Student’s Association, International Student’s Department and Pride Department provide a community feel on campus, helping students connect with new people and get involved.

Get support

The Guild Student Centre is a hub of information and first port of call for all things Guild – if you don’t know who to ask, the GSC is the place to start.

Student Assist provides support, counselling and information on anything that might be affecting your study, be it financial, academic, or welfare-related. The wonderful team at Student Assist can help you apply for special consideration, give grants or loans to those in need, or help with visa issues (to name just a few!).

Get fed

The Guild runs 7 cafes across campus, plus the Tavern and the Ref – with discounts on everything and Guild-priced coffees. We also coordinate food trucks, meaning there’s plenty of options!

Get value

As well as discounted coffee, the Guild maintains member discounts with over 100 partners – meaning you can reap the benefits of being a Guild member even when you’re not on campus. How good! Check out the full list of discounts here.