March 27, 2019

Council Meeting Wrap Up March 27

Lots of exciting policy got moved through Guild Council this week. Once they are approved, the minutes will be available on our website, but here’s the key points!

From the executive

  • We took a position against the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, enabling the Ethnocultural Collective to run a vigil on this issue.
  • We delegated the authority to approve loans and small grants to Student Assist. This will make it more efficient for the team to provide students with financial support, and will make it faster for students to access this support.

Operational Motions on Notice for Council

  • We thanked Megan Lee and James Leipold, the 2019 PROSH Directors, Annelise Jansen and Curtis White, the 2019 PROSH Editors, and Peter Watson and Michael Barblett, the 2019 PROSH Head Marshalls for their efforts in coordinating the 88th PROSH.
  • We appointed Vin Kalim as the new 2019 Welfare Officer, filling the casual vacancy, after a long recruitment process.
  • We provided $2500 in sponsorship to the WASAC Indigenous Nationals team. It is very expensive for students to participate in the games and we have provided this small level of sponsorship to reduce the financial burden by covering some of the registration cost.
  • We approved the timetable for Guild Elections and directed management to engage the WAEC.
  • We accepted the 2018 audited accounts, and the audit report from Deloitte.
  • We elected Bre Shanahan as a member of the discipline committee, and Vin Kalim as the chair of the Welfare and Advocacy committee, filling the vacancies.

Representational Motions on Notice for Council

  • We accepted our new Indigenous Strategy, which has been formulated by the Guild and WASAC and will help us to better engage, represent and support the Indigenous community.
  • We took a position against wage theft, and engage the Education Action Network to run a campaign about rights at work, recognising the insecurity and burden that casual work can sometimes put on students.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,