May 29, 2019

Council Meeting Wrap Up May

This Guild Council was pretty brief. Keep posted for some more action over the next few months, and the mid-year budget review. Here’s what went on:

From the Executive

  • We took a position against the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, enabling the Ethnocultural Collective to run a vigil on this issue.
  • We delegated the authority to approve loans and small grants to Student Assist, this will make it more efficient for the team to provide students with financial support, and will make it faster for students to access this support.

Operational Motions

  • We made BPhil Union a FacSoc! This follows endorsement from the Education Council, and a round of feedback from the student body. This means that BPhil Union will be in an even better position to continue advocating for BPhil students!

Represenational Motions

  • We discussed how the Guild should tackle racism and the rise of the far-right as political groups with a divicive agenda. We decided to defer this motion until we have done some more consultation with the ethnocultural collective, and culturally and linguistically diverse students at UWA.
  • We took a position against having to pay a fee if you miss your alternative exam. At ECU, the University is considering charging students $200+ if they miss their alternative exam. This is unfair, especially to students with disabilities who often have to sit alternative exams. We stand with them against this change at ECU, and we want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen here at UWA.

As ever, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck for your exams!

Best Wishes,


Conrad Hogg
106th Guild President