April 24, 2019

Council Meeting Wrap Up April

Lots happened at Guild Council this week. Once they are approved, the minutes will be available on our website for the full story, but here’s the key points:

From the executive

  • We pay our respects to the victims of the bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Every person should have the ability the practice their faith free from fear, violence, and intimidation, and we condemn these attacks.

Committee Elections

  • We elected ordinary committee members of the Guild committees. The results will be released after the ballots have been counted by the returning officer. These include the Governance Committee, Corporate Services Committee, Student Services Committee, Equity and Diversity Committee, Welfare and Advocacy Committee, and the Volunteering and Community Engagement Committee, which all make a significant contribution to the Guild’s operations.

Motions on Notice

  • We passed a refreshed Terms of Reference for the Work, Health and Safety Committee to make sure our staff are safe in their workplace.
  • Endorsed the key performance indicators for the National Union of Students to ensure that our national representatives are doing their job, and to keep them accountable.
  • We adopted updated rules for the Access Department, allowing two people to share the position of Access Officer if they wish to make it more equitable.
  • Approved the new collaborative reference group grants, which will be used to help Faculty Societies and Discipline Specific Clubs to work better together.
  • Accepted the acquittal of how the Guild spent its SSAF in 2018.
  • Initiated a process to set up a more formal way of engaging with the Guild’s alumni. The Governance Committee will be creating terms of reference for a committee to engage with alumni, and for an advisory group to inform Guild Council.
  • Reaffirmed our commitment to helping students getting to and around campus. The council noted work already done to this effect, and directed me to continue work on this, including continuing to lobby for the 950 to be diverted to the Business School. This adds to other work being done, including pushing for hybrid parking bays, a CAT service to UWA, and the new 96 route to uni.
  • Committed to investigating seating options on Oak Lawn, including hammocks and bean bags, through the Corporate Services Committee.

General Business

  • We discussed ways to make the volunteering as an office bearer more equitable. A panel will be assembled to assess how other student organisations ensure equity for low-SES office bearers, and to make recommendations to Guild Council.
  • The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) Union has moved to become a Faculty Society. Council agreed that following the endorsement from Education Council this month, the Guild should create a period for feedback, and consider how this will work this the Guild’s Regulations.

Hope you enjoyed study break. Let me know if you have any questions!

Best Wishes