The Tenancy Committee is the sub-committee of the Societies Council that administers all clubrooms, storage lockers and mailboxes in areas owned by the UWA Student Guild. These include the clubrooms in the Top Floor of the Guild Building and Cameron Hall, the lockers in the Club Collaborative Zone and Cameron Hall, and the mailboxes just outside the Top Floor of the Guild Building.

If you’re a Guild-affiliated club, faculty society or department that has a clubroom, a storage space or a mailbox, we look after you! If you’re ever having any issues with anything concerning Tenancy, we’re only an email away.

The Tenancy Committee meets with its tenants at specified times during the year. These meetings allow us to keep you updated with all the things that have been happening with Tenancy, and for you to tell us the things you need. A full list of the important dates can be found below.

If you are keen to get involved with the Tenancy Committee, there are two Ordinary Committee Member positions that you may nominate for. 

If you are on the committee of a club, Faculty Society or Department and are interested in applying for a room, storage space or mailbox, more information can be found below under Applying for a Tenancy.

Remember, the Tenancy Committee is here to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues at all that we can help you with!

2021 Tenancy Applications

Tenancy Committee Contacts

Tenancy Chairperson Chloe Kam [email protected]
Executive Officer Felix King [email protected]
Societies Council President Eleanor White [email protected]
Education Council President (Permanent Proxy) April Htun [email protected]
Guild Executive Representative Jameson Thompson [email protected]
Ordinary Committee Member
Ordinary Committee Member

NOTE: The two Ordinary Committee Members are elected at the second Guild Council Meeting of the Guild year. Nominations open and close at dates set by the Tenancy Chair. When positions open, they will be advertised on the Guild website and via the Guild Weekly e-newsletter and/or the Guild Facebook page, where information about the positions is provided, along with a list of application requirements.

Tenancy Consultatation Meetings & Busy Bees 2020
Event Date Time Location
Busy Bee Monday 9 March 12pm - 3pm
Tenancy Consultation Meeting Wednesday 11 March 5.30pm
Busy Bee Monday 23 March 12pm - 3pm
Tenancy Consultation Meeting Wednesday 8 April 5.30pm
Busy Bee Monday 4 May 12pm - 3pm
Busy Bee Monday 27 July 12pm - 3pm
Busy Bee & Tenancy Consultation Meeting Monday 17 August 1pm - 2pm; 4pm - 5pm Cameron Hall/Guild L3; Guild Council Meeting Room
Busy Bee Monday 24 August 1pm - 2pm Cameron Hall/Guild L3
Busy Bee & Tenancy Consultation Meeting Monday 31 August 1pm - 2pm; 4pm - 5pm Cameron Hall/Guild L3; Guild Council Meeting Room
Busy Bee Monday 7 September 1pm - 2pm Cameron Hall/Guild L3
Busy Bee & Tenancy Consultation Meeting Monday 14 September 1pm - 2pm; 4pm - 5pm Cameron Hall/Guild L3; Guild Council Meeting Room
Busy Bee Monday 21 September 1pm - 2pm Cameron Hall/Guild L3

Important Tenancy Information

Top Floor Guild Building
252 Creative Writing and Poetry Club (CWAP)
253 Uni Camp for Kids (UCFK)
254 Women's Department
256 Christian Union
257 Health Students' Society
259 Japanese Studies Society (JapSSoc) / WA Anthropology and Sociology Student's Association (WAASSA)
262 International Students' Service (ISS) / Multicultural Week (MCW)
264 Pride Department
Cameron Hall
M108A Electronic Music Appreciation Society (EMAS)
M108B University Dramatic Society (UDS) / Pantomime Society (PantoSoc)
2181 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) / Ignite Mentoring (ingnite) / Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
182A University Computer Club (UCC)
182B University Science Fiction Association (UniSFA)
183 Coders for Causes
184A Unigames
184B University of Western Australia Anime Club (UWAnime)
184C University of Western Australia Society for Creative Anachronism (UWASCA) / Science Union

Club Collaborative Zone
CCZ 1 Cantonese Students’ Association (CSA)
CCZ 2 Singapore Students’ Society (SSS)
CCZ 3 Sober?
CCZ 4 Music Students’ Society (MSS)
CCZ 5 University of Western Australia People for Animal Welfare (UWA PAW)
CCZ 9 Access Collective
CCZ 10 Zoology Club (Zoology)
CCZ 11 Red Cross Club
CCZ 12 Red Cross Club
CCZ 13 Electronic Music Appreciation Society (EMAS)
CCZ 14 Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA)
CCZ 15 Uni Camp for Kids (UCFK)
CCZ 16 University of Western Australia Society for Creative Anachronism (UWASCA)
CCZ 17 Chemical and Process Engineering Club (CPEC)
CCZ 18 Multicultural Students’ Union (MSU)
CCZ 19 Perth International
CCZ 20 Oxfam UWA
CCZ 21 Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) Union (BPhil Union)
Cameron Hall Landing
CH 1 Australian Chinese Youth Association (ACYA)
CH 2 University of Western Australia Society for Creative Anachronism (UWASCA)
CH 3 Save the Children
CH 4 University of Western Australia Archaeological Society
CH 5 University of Western Australia French Club
CH 6 Unigames
CH 7 Unigames
CH 8 Unigames
CH 9 Unigames
CH 10 Photography Club
CH 11 Enactus
CH 12
CH 13 University Science Fiction Association (UniSFA)
CH 15
University of Western Australia Classics Society (Classics Society)
CH 15
Cameron Hall Loft

To be allocated.

If your club, Faculty Society or Department has a mailbox, you can have mail delivered directly to you! The mailing address is:

Attn: [Club name]
Box #[box no.]
UWA Student Guild
M300, 35 Stirling Hwy

Alternatively, if you don’t have a mailbox, you can have your mail delivered to the Guild Student Centre. The mailing address for this is:

Attn: [Club name]
UWA Student Guild
M300, 35 Stirling Hwy

When mailboxes become available, you may apply for them under Applying for a Tenancy.

As there are over a hundred clubs on campus but only a limited number of clubrooms, storage spaces and mailboxes available, space is at a premium! With only twenty-one clubroom spaces, the demand for clubrooms is especially high. While we would love to provide every club, faculty society and department with a clubroom, storage space and mailbox, this is unfortunately not possible.

When clubroom, storage and mailbox vacancies arise, they will be listed on this page and the Societies Council President will inform all clubs by means of an all club email and/or a notice at the soonest Societies Council Meeting. All active Guild associates – clubs, faculty societies or departments – are able to apply.

Applications are now open for:

Cameron Hall storage spaces (closing 3rd May 2017)

Club Collaborative Zone storage spaces (closing 3rd May 2017)

Before applying for a clubroom or storage space, the Tenancy Committee strongly recommends that you have a look at the space to see if it is suitable for your purposes. Just contact the Tenancy Chair and they will be more than happy to show you around!

The Tenancy Committee provides some basic cleaning supplies for the use of clubroom tenants. While these will be available at Busy Bees, clubroom tenants can also borrow them outside of these to ensure that their room is clean.

They are accessible from 9am until 5pm every Monday to Friday, and are located in the Student Representative Room (also known as the Bob Nicholson room, located on the first floor of Guild Village). There is a cupboard labelled ‘Tenancy Cleaning Supplies’.

Some of the cleaning supplies we have include a vacuum, window cleaner, sanitiser, two dustpans and brushes, two brooms and some wipes. Supplies of consumable items are limited, so it is essential that you tell us when they have been used up.

Please note that it is a requirement that you sign the cleaning supplies in and out using the sign in/out sheet provided. It is essential that the sign in/out sheet is filled out so we know who is using the supplies at what times in case they are not returned. If this is not done, cleaning supplies will no longer be provided.



These application are for the reallocation of mailboxes and storage managed by the Tenancy Committee of the UWA Student Guild. All clubs, Departments or Faculty Societies looking to apply for a tenant space must complete this form.

If you already hold storage managed by the Tenancy Committee, you do need to reapply for storage. For information about what the Tenancy Committee is looking for please refer to the April SOC meeting Agenda/Minutes.

This application will be sent to the Tenancy Committee who will decide who to allocate as per the Tenancy Allocation Policy. Applications will close on – 20th May 11:59pm.

If you have any questions about the procedure or general questions, contact the Tenancy Chair via [email protected].

If you are tenant of either a club room or storage please submit any issues you are facing to the Tenancy Committee using the relevant online form.

For all complaints concerning the actions of other tenants, fill in the complaints form.

For any maintenance issues, submit a Work Order.

In case of emergency please ring the Guild Student Centre on 6488 2295 OR Campus Management on 6488 2025. If it is after hours please call UWA Security on 6488 3020.

For any other queries please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Policies and Forms