January 31, 2020

PAY AND WE GO: UWA Parking Petition

Brehany Shanahan

Late last week, it was announced that UWA will be transitioning to a pay as you go parking system. Last night, Guild Council passed a motion opposing these changes. We are disappointed in the lack of communication and consultation with students in reaching this decision. Students are already paying tens of thousands of dollars to study at UWA, and getting to campus shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the education you’re paying for.

PAYG parking has had a demonstrated detrimental impact at other universities, such as Curtin University. 83% of Curtin students surveyed in 2019 believed that PAYG pricing was not student friendly. Research conducted by Universities Australia in 2019 found that two-thirds of university students live below the poverty line. For students, parking costs are not just spare change; it’s a fair chunk of our disposable income. A change to this system will disproportionately affect students from low SES backgrounds, non-metro areas, and those with high course attendance requirements or caring responsibilities.

The UWA Student Guild stands for accessible and equitable parking for all students. In the coming week, your students reps will be launching the “Pay and We Go” campaign to oppose these changes. You can get involved by signing the petition here. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.