January 13, 2020

UWA Migration to Microsoft Office 365

If you’re putting off checking your emails over the holidays (understandable) and you hadn’t heard yet, UWA will be migrating student emails from Google Suite to Office 365 as of January 6, 2020.

The move should improve collaboration with students and staff and beef up security and support available. Don’t worry - you can still access everything in your Google account all the way up to the end of Semester 1, but migration of files will need to be fully completed by June 2020. Here’s everything we know about the migration process:

So what happens now?

The good news – UWA will take care of migrating aaaaalll your emails, plus your calendar and contacts data. This process started on January 6, and you’ll be given access to your new Office 365 account as soon as it’s ready. Keep in mind that all of your data may take a couple of weeks to fully transfer over.

Research students and those enrolled in Summer classes will be the first priority, to ensure minimal disruption to their work during this time.

Once your Office 365 account is activated, you can still see all your old emails in your Gmail inbox, but you won’t be able to send or receive new ones.

Logging in

You’ll still be using the same Uni-ID credentials to log in ([email protected]) to Office 365. Visiting mail.student.uwa.edu.au will take you straight to Office 365 to log in.

Accessing and moving your files

Still need to get into the Google Drive? You can login in as usual with your Uni-ID from drive.google.com to download any files you need to move over. With Office 365 you will be able to upload and store your files in OneDrive (with a default of 1TB of storage!).


Office 365 comes with a full set of apps and services, with an equivalent to all Google features. This includes:

  • OneDrive, where you can collaborate on files with others (1TB of storage as a default, up to 5TB on request) – also available as an app!
  • Teams, for group or one-on-one chat (similar to Groups and Hangouts)
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Exchange, for Mail and Calendars (100GB of storage)

Keep an eye out for other services rolling out, including OneNote, Microsoft Stream, Sway and more features for Teams!


Questions about the changeover to Office 365 should be sent via email to AskUWA.