December 11, 2019

Council Wrap-Up: December 2019

Luke Thomas


The 107th Guild Council has made a strong start to the term, with a number of notable achievements coming from the first two December councils. From establishing a Student Innovation Centre to setting up the 2020 Budget, everyone has been hard at work preparing our bold new vision for what the Guild can achieve for students.

Have a read about what we’ve been up to below:


  • Elected a new Vice President and Chair as well as all of the Guild’s committees
  • Accepted 2020 Guild Council Dates
  • Elected a Multicultural Week Managing Director
  • Accepted the new Cruickshank-Routley Memorial Prize Rules
  • Created a new Sponsorship Working Group to figure out how we can manage sponsorship for the Guild, clubs and societies better
  • Established the Student Innovation Centre which will transform the way we empower students with enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Created $5,000 Student Innovation Grants to be distributed through the centre
  • Established an independent student-led think tank as a forum for students to apply degree-specific content to a broader context
  • Approved the 2020 Budget, including for all the student club grants and Guild Departments
  • Urged the University to consider investments into renewables instead of long-sea tiebacks

And that’s a wrap on 2019! Here’s to 2020.

Luke Thomas
General Secretary 2020