November 29, 2019

Health Services Review Submission

Conrad Hogg

Thank you to all of the student who participated in our recent survey on Health Services at UWA. You valuable input was used to create a thoughtful input into the UWA Health Services Review, with 68 detailed recommendations. These are the 7 primary thematic recommenations.

  1. Health services need to be properly funded to meet student demand.
  2. Health services need to remain free to access.
  3. Health services need to be inclusive for all students.
  4. Health services need to work better with each other.
  5. Health services provided need to serve a broader range of needs, especially focusing on preventing students’ health and wellbeing from becoming high-risk.
  6. UWA should form partnerships and collaborations with external organisations to optimise student support.
  7. UWA should adopt a whole-of-institution approach to student wellbeing, which should be supported by an evidenced-based and best practice strategy and championed by the senior leadership of the University.

You can download the whole submission below: