November 29, 2019

October & November Guild Council Wrap Up

Conrad Hogg

Hey there!

Over the last couple of months, Guild Council has been up to a lot of important work in the background - establishing an equity collective, climate change action network, a future fund and much more. Read it all below:

October Guild Council

  • Approved updated rules for the Residential Students' Department and International Students' Department.
  • Appointed Bayley Horne and Stirling Kain as the 2020 Pelican Editors.
  • Appointed Michael Barblett and Curtis White as the 2020 PROSH Directors.
  • Recommend that UWA delegates to the NUS ensure the conference runs smoothly, discusses autonomous policy chapters, and does not sit with a binding faction.
  • Condemned action by Murdoch University against the whistle blower Gerd Schroeder-Turk, and endorsed the #IStandWithGerd campaign to promote academic freedom at UWA.

November Guild Council

  • Approved an offer to lease to bring Roll'd to the Ref!
  • Endorsed the Interim Report of the Student Equity Working Group, identifying new ways for the Guild to support students from low-SES backgrounds.
  • Established an Equity Collective to represent students from low-SES backgrounds and who are experiencing financial hardship, to launch in 2020!
  • Required the Guild to maintain a positive EBITDA (a measure of the ability to generate a surplus), and for this to be reported in budgets to ensure the Guild remains sustainable into the future.
  • Created the UWA Student Guild Future Fund to invest into the Guild's future, and seeded this with a $50,000 investment.
  • Appointed Jenny Chang as the 2020 Volunteering and Community Engagement (VACE) Committee Chair.
  • Established a Climate Change Action Network under the Environment Department to coordinate student climate action at UWA.
  • Appointed Saleem Al Odeh and Meizhu Chen as the 2020 Ethnocultural Collective Co-convenors
  • Approved new rules for the Postgraduate Students Assocation.
  • Endorsed the reintroduction of the UWA Teaching Society.
  • Took a stand against the use of cashless welfare cards, and drug testing of welfare recipients, which has potential to affect students who are struggling. The Guild President will write to the Government to express this position.
  • Thanked and congratulated the Guild President and the Directors for their hard work in 2019.

That's it! The minutes will be available on the Guild Website soon. Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best

Conrad Hogg
Guild President
[email protected]