October 24, 2019

Multicultural Week Director applications now open!

We’re looking for a great leader who’s passionate about promoting cultural diversity to become the Director of Multicultural Week (MCW) for 2020!

Multicultural Week is a long-running event here at UWA dedicated to sharing and celebrating different cultures through performances, activities and events like the beloved Spring Feast.

About the role

The MCW Director:
– is responsible for the co-ordination of Multicultural Week;
– is responsible for the planning and supervision of the events held by the MCW committee. Subsequent undertaking of the events should be delegated to the members of the committee;
– will draw up the MCW budget after taking office;
– will call for and chair MCW meetings; and
– may co-authorise all financial accounts with the MCW Finance Director

How to apply

Please answer the following in your application:
1. Why you are applying
2. Your experience with MCW and any other relevant experience
3. What you can bring to MCW
4. One sentence describing your aspirations for MCW in 2020

Please send your application to the Guild President, Conrad Hogg ([email protected]) by Friday November 1.