October 30, 2019

Study Playlists for Focus and Motivation

After a couple of weeks of hard study, you’ve run out of motivation and concentration levels are at an all-time low. You’re sick of all your playlists, and you haven’t even had your first exam yet.

Sound familiar?

It was bound to happen, we’re here to rescue you from the study blues with some FRESH NEW playlists to keep you focused, motivated and on track to OWN those exams! Feedback from students and a Spotify trawl has unearthed some gems, no matter what your study music vibe is 🎧

Low Key Lo-Fi

If you like your study music in the lowest of fi, Spotify is all over it. The Lo-Fi Beats playlist provides some relaxed chill to get you through those practice exams, while Lo-Fi Café is perfect for bringing the hipster café vibe to you (without having to take off your PJs).

ASMR (not the eating noises kind)

Not even music, really, but sounds. If you love to study when it’s raining outside or just need some background ~noises~ to dull the sound of yourself thinking too hard, then ASMR Binaural Beats could be the one for you. We recommend listening through noise-cancelling headphones for a full meditative experience.

Cultured & Classical

They say classical music is ideal studying music – why not raise the bar a notch and check out Instrumental – Soundtracks, Classical etc for a highbrow mixture of classical music and some very familiar soundtrack instrumentals from movies like Romeo + Juliet and The Avengers.

Lift Your Spirits

Study getting you down? Dive back in with Motivational Songs – a 24 hour-long (!!) playlist of uplifting music that’ll improve your mood no end; everything from Queen to Cascada’s 2009 banger ‘Evacuate the Dancefloor’.

Sims (trust us)

Speaking of study bangers, this list features backing tracks from video games like The Sims and Super Smash Bros. Sims study bangers is unconventional, chaotic and yet somehow extremely good to have on in the background while you power through notes. If you’re running out of ideas, this one could be a go. It’s also created by a UWA graduate!

Strong all-rounders

Turns out you CAN have it all – instrumentals, uplifting and music you recognise. Study Mix (No lyrics) is a whole playlist of popular  tracks covered by a string quartet, with a bit of piano thrown in for good measure. Superior Study Playlist comes in swinging with a range of instrumental types, covering soundtracks, pop song covers, Lo-Fi and Post-rock. 


If instrumentals don’t do it for you, our very own EMAS has cooked up a fresh batch of electronic goodness. EMAS Selects: Exam Study might just be the boost you’ve been searching for to get you across the line.
If acoustic is more your jam, try a throwback on for size: All Out 70s is the ideal mix of tracks you know and tracks you forgot you knew, wrapped up in a slightly disco, slightly rock, entirely excellent package.

What are you waiting for? Go press PLAY and smash those exams!