July 6, 2022

Fresher Handbook: Getting Started

The UWA Student Guild is an independent organisation at UWA run by students, for students, and exists to make sure you have the best university experience possible. We provide our members with eventsopportunitiessupportdiscountsstudent advocacy and a bloody good feed on campus (if we do say so ourselves).

This guide is all about getting started at UWA, including study and welfare resources, student-verified tips and advice, and how you can get involved in our legendary campus culture through clubs, committees and volunteering!

Getting started with the Guild

Does it cost anything?

Nup! Joining the Guild is totally free. We are funded partially by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), which is a University fee charged each semester you are enrolled. The SSAF funds a lot of the services available at UWA, like UWA Sport, Student Wellbeing, CAPS, and us! 

The Guild receives 50% of the SSAF, and all our funding goes straight back into things that help YOU as a student, and helps make all our awesome events, services and governance happen.

How do I become a member?

Make sure you’ve ticked YES to being a member on studentConnect when you enrol, and then head to the Guild Student Centre (GSC) opposite Student Central in Guild Village to collect your membership sticker! 

Adding Guild membership to your enrolment also activates your campus card to scan at cafes for discounts. Your Guild membership is the key to accessing all our discounts and services.

But like, what’s in it for me?

Legit heaps of stuff!

  • Discounts at all Guild cafes on food & drinks – you can save $ every time you grab a coffee!
  • Free Guild Diary & wall planner
  • Free or discounted entry to Guild events all year!
  • Access to Student Assist for academic and welfare support
  • Access to Guild Grants & Loans
  • Discounted membership to Guild-affiliated clubs & societies
  • Our weekly e-news, Guild Weekly delivered to your inbox each week of semester
  • Discounts at heaps of businesses online and in Perth

Becoming a Guild member also supports our many services and initiatives for minority groups and the entire student body of UWA, including representation and advocacy through our student Departments!

Student Representation

Guild Council is made up of 35 elected representatives that consists of the Guild Executive (President, Vice President, General Secretary, Chair), Department Office Bearers and Ordinary Guild Councillors. 

Members of Council sit on our committees as well as University working groups and Senate to make sure the student voice is heard at all levels. They also do a lot of legwork to bring you relevant, useful information, events and opportunities, as well as advocating for students in minority groups and the rights of the student body as a whole.

Find out more about our departments and what they’re up to here!

Guild Council
Guild President Amitabh Jeganathan [email protected]
Vice-President Aidan Mansfield [email protected]
General Secretary Narendra Gammanpila [email protected]
Chair of Council Rashdina Ramli [email protected]
Education Council President David Hallam [email protected]
Societies Council President Jak Beard [email protected]
Public Affairs Council President Maria Waters [email protected]
International Students' Department President Geemal Jayawickrama [email protected]
Postgraduate Students' Association President Max Beard [email protected]
Environment Officer Iknur Virik [email protected]
Sports Representative Joseph Kaddis [email protected]
Welfare Officer Sapphire Carter [email protected]
Women's Officer Chloe Bryant [email protected]
Residential Students' Department President Robert Whitehurst [email protected]
Access Department Co-officers Dana Fung & Melani De Alwis [email protected]
Ethnocultural Co-officers Amira Nunn & Adam Elyousef [email protected]
Pride Officer Paris Javid [email protected]
Mature Age Students' Association Representatives Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahim & Samantha Crampton [email protected]
Albany Students' Association Representative [email protected]
Volunteering Chair Ethan Nicholas [email protected]
Ordinary Guild Councillors
Boni Riad [email protected]
Catherine Cheesman [email protected]
Charlotte Kennedy [email protected]
Daniel Roden [email protected]
Julia Aguinot [email protected]
Louis Cheng [email protected]
Misha Riaz [email protected]
Natasha Nicole [email protected]
Nicole McEwen [email protected]
Prisha Goel [email protected]
Tanisha Kothari [email protected]
National Representation

The UWA Student Guild is one of 18 university student unions affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS), the peak representative body for tertiary students in Australia. Since 1987 the NUS has advocated for an accessible and equitable education and welfare system for all.

The on-going role is advocacy, lobbying, organising National Days of Action around a variety of issues (like climate action and sexual assault), and supporting campus office bearers in their roles. The NUS runs campaigns across a range of portfolios including protesting cuts to higher education, lobbying for fair pay for students, or LGBTQIA+ specific campaigns.

UWA is proud to be affiliated to the NUS. We have a strong history of being involved in the NUS, with a number of UWA students on the National Executive in recent years.

Every year the UWA Student Guild sends seven elected delegates to a number of conferences, including the NUS National Conference, to vote on and debate important policies for the NUS to implement. 

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