February 3, 2022

Guild Council Highlights: January

Narendra Gammanpila

  The 109th Guild Council met on Wednesday January 26. Here's the highlights of the motions passed:  

  1. Jasmine Hensley has stepped down as Education Council President, and Julia Aguinot will be stepping in as acting Education Council President;
  2. Esther Nixon has stepped down as Women's Officer, and Samantha Eadie will be stepping in as acting Women's Officer;
  3. In light of the recent resignations, the Governance committee will develop a new & fair process to establish how to fill casual Office Bearer vacancies; 
  4. Council passed a motion to support working with the University to help bring offshore students back on campus, encourage the state government to reconsider their current border policy, and encourage all Clubs & Guild Departments to cater more events for offshore students.
  5. Council passed a motion to reject and abolish the 26th of January Australia Day celebrations, and work with the relevant organisations & people to find a new way to celebrate this while being inclusive of all members of society. Council acknowledges the role that denial and ignorance plays in exacerbating intergenerational trauma, endorses the 2022 Invasion Day Rally and encourages all UWA students to support Reconciliation Week & NAIDOC Week.
  6. The 109th Council will sign Equality Australia’s open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison protesting the Religious Discrimination Bill.

The next Guild Council meeting will take place on Wednesday February 23 at 6pm. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please contact [email protected] by Tuesday February 22.