February 4, 2022

Offshore Students Update #3

Geemal Jayawickrama Geemal Jayawickrama

Hello everyone, 

Hope everyone's doing well! I am back with some new updates that I have received from the University. As mentioned in my previous blogs, I have been working with the University regarding this matter over the last couple of days. Following a meeting between the University, and the Home Affairs, WA Police, Department of Health, and the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI), the following points were confirmed;

General/ Self Quarantine:
  • Groups (2+) can only self-quarantine in apartments etc. together if they have been staying together previous to WA,      and then travel together into WA. For example, two students staying in an apartment on the Gold Coast travel to WA together can then self-quarantine in shared accommodation (eg an apartment). Another example could be: a group of students who travel from Saudi Arabia as a group, stay overnight in Sydney, and then enter WA together can also self-quarantine together. BUT two students who meet in Sydney at the airport and travel together to WA cannot self-quarantine together. 
  • Study Perth has listed self-quarantine hotel options for students on their website. This is not an exclusive list, it is just to help students choose. You can find them here. Other hotels offer self-quarantine facilities that can be used, as can AirBnBs. Some self-quarantine facilities offer full board, similar to colleges, etc. University Hall is providing quarantining facilities, and can be contacted via [email protected]
G2G Passes:
  • According to the Government, 24,000 G2G passes are expected into WA over the next few days.
  • Once a student's information is submitted it cannot be changed in that application, so there is unfortunately no point trying. If you need to update or change your information (for example an address of self-quarantine), the G2G will need to be redone. This is fine, as the WA Police will use the most recent one submitted. They can also see previously submitted passes to track changes, confirming it is only (for example), the address changing and not a name.
  • Students can now list most places to self-quarantine and it will be accepted. For example, the college or hotel they have a booking at will be accepted. A huge amount of detail is not expected, just the name of the accommodation is fine. Some had been rejected on this basis previously, but the G2G Police have been told to relax this position.
  • The Government now has appointed a Police Office who runs the G2G application process. Any student that has been rejected and it doesn’t appear correct (or odd) please let me know via [email protected] and I can forward it to the University,      who then will directly follow it up with the police.

Also, if you are a student who has entered WA under the new exemption rules, please do fill out this form tso that the University has the information they need to help out international students accordingly.

If you do have any questions, you can use AskUWA or refer to the UWA FAQs for International Students, or the FAQs put up by Study Perth. If you are not able to find any answers there, please contact [email protected] and I will do my very best to get you an answer or point you in the right direction.

I know there have been so many changes over the last couple of days, and it is very difficult for each and everyone one of us. But hang in there and don’t lose hope. The University is working tirelessly behind the scenes and ISD is supporting them in every way possible. 

Please feel free to send me an email or a message to the ISD social media pages (@uwaguildisd) anytime. 

Thank you!

Geemal Jayawickrama
2022 ISD President