April 6, 2022

Guild Council Highlights: March

Narendra Gammanpila

The 109th Guild Council met on Wednesday, March 30. Here's the highlights of the motions passed: ​

  1. ​Appointed Rebeka Morrison and Nakita Humes as WASAC Co-Chairs
  2. Accepted resignation of Anwar Farhan from position of Pride Officer
  3. Approved the regulations for the Lyn Beazley institute upon recommendations from the Governance Committee
  4. Approved the terms of references for the following committees upon the recommendation of the Governance committee: UWA Student Project Board & UWA Student Research Hub
  5. Motioned to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and Russian citizens resisting the Russian regime’s authoritarian rule and attack on innocent civilians.
  6. Motioned to express deep concern about the horrific findings of the National Student Safety Survey of 2021, which outlines not only the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault at UWA, but the unclear and unsatisfactory reporting and response processes currently in place.
  7. Motioned to encourage the Guild to be more accommodating for students of Muslim backgrounds especially with regards to assesments and special considerations (e.g. quizzes, tests during Ramadan)
  8. Motioned to Condemns the Federal Government's 2022 budget which is a nearsighted, in some cases punitive, document which fails to address the long-term needs of Australians and students.
  9. Welcomes the NZ Government's offer to accept refugees from Australian detention, and condemns the Australian Government for taking over 9 years to finally action the agreement; and endorses all refugee human rights movements .
  10. Motioned to stand in solidarity with staff demanding safe nurse-to-patient ratios, better pay and better working conditions; all of which have declined over the course of the pandemic.

Next meeting will be held Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 6:00 PM. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please contact [email protected] by Tuesday April 26.

All Guild Council documents can be seen here.