January 13, 2022

Guild Council Highlights: December

The 109th Guild Council met for the first time on Wednesday December 1. Here's the highlights of the motions passed:

  • A motion was passed to encourage all students and Guild Councillors to advocate for public health measures by supporting lockdowns, vaccinations and quarantine, and (where appropriate) attending protests. 
  • A budget deficit-surplus figure for 2022 of $395,597 (deficit) was unanimously passed within council. Reductions across many Guild departments were made, to take a more conservative approach to the Guild Finances and aid in recovery from the COVID-affected years. 
  • Council approved spending for UDUB Radio, which is a student-led radio station headed up by OGC Charlotte Kennedy (station manager). UDUB radio will help bring clubs and students together, and provide a space for creativity to thrive within campus. UDUB radio will be accessible for all students. 
  • The Council also approved a motion condemning the Liberal government’s Religious Discrimination Bill (2021) which would weaken existing anti-discrimination protections and allow religious groups and individuals more freedom to discriminate against women, queer people, people with disability, people of colour, and even people of faith.

The next Guild Council meeting will take place on January 26 at 6pm. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please contact [email protected] by Tuesday January 25.