March 6, 2020

PAYG Parking Update

Brehany Shanahan

On Thursday, we hosted our inaugural Student Forum on the changes to parking to hear student concerns and questions about the PAYG model. At the meeting, university officials outlined the proposed changes and took questions from students. The UWA Student Guild opposes these changes.

What we learned about changes to parking:

  • Parking fees are benchmarked at current rates – approximately $2 per day.  The proposal will consider the introduction of reduced fees for half day parking.
  • PAYG will apply to all people parking on campus – student, staff and public
  • It is not decided yet if the red and yellow designations will continue.  This will be explored via consultation. 
  • Postcode restrictions on parking will continue to apply
  • UWA may choose to adopt the principle that no student will pay more than they currently do.  This will be explored during consultation.
  • A consultation process will take place later this semester
The UWA Student Guild opposes these changes.

Currently a parking permit costs $90 for six months, the equivalent of 70 cents per day. Average out across the 12 week teaching period (assuming students do not attend for study break or exams) this equates to $1.50 per day. The proposed $2 results in a significant jump in price that will be unaffordable for many students. In particular, there will be a disproportionate burden on students who attend campus outside of this standard period, who are required to attend class for up to 47 weeks of the year.

Many students have expressed concerns about the impact of the change. For many students, public transport is not a viable option. Music students report being unable to carry heavy instruments on public transport. Others have no accessible public transport options close by or will experience a significant increase in commute time. For students with work or caring responsibilities, catching public transport is not feasible. We have also heard that many students do not feel safe catching public transport late at night, and that it can be too expensive.

Finally, the Pay As You Go system is contrary to the vision of a “sticky” campus UWA is seeking to create. The Guild is firmly of the view that paying for parking should not be a barrier to receiving education or experiencing every aspect of university life. PAYG would lead to a less vibrant campus and a less rounded student education as students with less income are locked out of non-essential campus life.

The Guild will continue to oppose these changes. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the launch of our campaign against PAYG Parking.

We want to hear about what these changes will mean for you. Fill out the form here to have your voice heard!