Fee Refunds

Occasionally, a particular circumstance may arise where you will need to apply for a fee refund.

To apply for a fee refund and be eligible you must have withdrawn from the unit without academic penalty via the Special Consideration process.

Refunds may be given under the following circumstances:

  • Special Circumstances beyond your control – an unusual event for which the student is not responsible (note that a lack of knowledge on Fee Help is not considered to be beyond a person’s control).
  • Special Circumstances that do not make their full impact on you until on or after the census date for the unit
    • These circumstances can occur:
      1. Before the census date, but worsen after that day,
      2. Before the census date, but the full effect does not become apparent until after that day
      3. On or after the census date
  • Unable to complete requirements for a unit of study – including:
    • Medical circumstances – a medical condition has changed, leaving the person unable to study
    • Family/Personal circumstances – death or severe medical problems within a family, or unforeseen family financial difficulties
    • Employment-related circumstances – change in employment status, leaving a student unable to complete studies
  • Course-related circumstances – e.g. where the University has changed the unit it had offered previously.

Click here for a more in depth overview, plus the Fee Refund form you need to fill out to apply.

Download Domestic Fee Refund Form

International students seeking fee refund should contact Student Assist for information.