A little bit about the Committee

The Volunteering Committee sets the strategic direction of volunteering and community engagement activities within the Guild.

Our primary mission is to build a culture of student-led volunteering and community engagement on campus.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with organisations in the wider community, and giving students the opportunity to pursue areas of volunteering which they are passionate about. The new internship program seeks to develop greater leadership capacity amongst students, fostering a drive for change and encourage others to ‘do good’.


The membership of the Volunteering committee consists of:

  • Juan Lakonawa (Chair of the Volunteering Committee)
  • Indi Creed (Guild President)
  • Jelena Kovacevic (Chair of Guild Council)
  • Sammie Smith (Public Affairs Council President)
  • Luke Alderslade (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
  • Other Member - TBC
  • Other Member - TBC
  • TBC (Ordinary Committee Member)
  • TBC (Ordinary Committee Member)

* TBC - Executive Officer of the Volunteering Committee

Staff sitting on the committee include:

  • Michael Farmer (Volunteering Manager)
  • Georgia Masters (Volunteering Assistant)
  • Jenny Ophel (Associate Director - Student Services & Human Resources)
2024 Volunteering Committee Minutes