May 26, 2023

Ed Blog: Take Care This Exams Season

Jelena Kovacevic Jelena Kovacevic, Chair of Council

Hello again!

I know it’s been some time since I last wrote but I am also a student who experienced that classic Week 8-10 assessment influx, meaning DMs from my friends going unopened for weeks too...

Alas, I am back to provide you with some study tips, or at the very least, some consolation around this time of semester.

One important thing to remember is that everyone at uni is under the pump right now. Even your lucky friends who don’t have any exams are still playing lecture catch-up or finishing off a major assignment. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and also to feel like you’re missing out on something when you’re studying on a Saturday night (yeah, look, that time works for me). Just remember how great it will feel when you put your books down at the end of what has been a very long and tiring semester for most students.

In the meantime, make sure to spend some of your break time outside! One of my favourite things to do is leave the library and go for a walk or sit on Matilda Bay. The cool breeze paired with some weak sunlight is the perfect combination (of course, sunscreen still recommended). Let your mind relax until you’re ready to go back to your studies, and try to take a break from your phone too!

Speaking of phones, we all know we’re using them more than we should be, thanks to Tik Tok and other social media apps. I strategically get my tasks done while I charge my phone so that I don’t have the option of picking it up and scrolling. Having your phone in a separate room (with your ringtone loud if you’re paranoid about missing a call) means you can really focus on your work. On the flip side, remember to take a break from reading/writing when you feel like you can’t focus anymore. Eye strain can cause headaches you’ll regret for longer than the 20-minute break you could have otherwise afforded yourself.

All the best with your exams and I hope you’ve got some cool (pun intended) plans for the Winter Break. Take care!