November 12, 2020

How To: Reviews and Appeals

Didn’t get the results you were expecting? You may have grounds to have them reviewed! To have your assessment/exam or final unit grade reviewed, you will need to lodge an official Review with your Faculty (known as ‘Review Stage 1’). Lodging a request for review can seem a bit daunting, but it’s actually quite straightforward. We’ve broken it down for you to show you how!

Act quickly

The most important thing to remember is that reviews are very time sensitive. You only have 10 UNIVERSITY WORKING DAYS from the day after results for exams or a unit are released to request a Review. The University are extremely strict on this deadline, and late requests will almost always be disregarded. It might be worth contacting your Unit Coordinator/Lecturer first (especially if you are seeking feedback), as they may be able to assist you informally. HOWEVER, if you don’t receive a reply or you are unhappy with their reply please make sure you still lodge your review form within 10 UNIVERSITY WORKING days. Better to be safe than sorry!

Lodging the forms

Requesting a Review is a very simple process: just fill out the relevant form, submit it to your Faculty student office via your student email. Instructions and guidance on completing the form can be found here. Forms for reviews (Stage 1, 2 and Appeals) can be found on the UWA website: Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Coursework Students

Which form?

If you want a Review of an exam or assessment result, you need to complete a Review of Assessment Outcome Form.  If you want your whole grade looked at for a unit, you will need to complete a Review of Final Grade Form.

What counts as grounds for review?

Grounds for review cannot be that you “almost passed”. 

For a Review of Assessment Outcome, your grounds for review need to be either that there has been an:

a) Irregularity in the marking standard; or

b) Errors of marking process in determining the outcome of an assessment

For a Review of Final Grade, your grounds for review need to be that there have been procedural errors in the determination of the grade or mark.

My Review Stage 1 was unsuccessful. What do I do now?

If your Review Stage 1 is unsuccessful, then you can progress to Review Stage 2. The submission process is the same as Review Stage 1, but at this stage your grade will be reviewed by a more senior member of staff. If this is still not successful, then the next stage is an official appeal. For an official Appeal, your case will leave your school/Faculty and will instead be dealt with by the University’s Academic Board.

Student Assist can provide assistance and support to you through each stage if you need it.

Need a hand? Reach out!

Reviews are usually a very simple process and easy to do yourself. However, if your review is particularly complicated or you need assistance, please contact our friendly Guild Student Assist Team at [email protected] or phone 6488 2292.  Please see our website for more information: