September 14, 2020

Guild Elections: How to Vote & Your Rights As a Voter

Head to the booths this week armed with the know-how to make your vote count!

Welcome to Polling Week! We’re in the final stretch of the Elections season for 2020, and the candidates have been busy campaigning for your vote. Before you head to the polls, there’s a few things you should know about how to vote to make it count, and your rights as a voter.

Remember – voting is NOT compulsory, but by making an informed decision you can have a say about your experience as a student during your time at UWA.

You can find more information on the Guild Elections here.


Voting will take place on campus, with polling stations set up this Monday-Thursday (September 14-17) on Oak Lawn and outside Reid Library. There will also be mobile polling stations for those at the Nedlands campus, Business School, QEII and the Med-Dent Library.


You’ll need your UWA student ID card to be marked off the electoral roll to vote, so make sure to bring it!

It also doesn’t hurt to look into the party policies to make an informed decision once you’re in the booth. If you have any questions for the parties, you’ll find them outside the polling stations with guides on how to correctly cast your vote for your preferred candidates.


This year’s ballot papers can be a bit intimidating – there’s 12 different papers and a LOT of candidates this year!

You will be handed separate ballot papers for:

-       Guild President

-       General Secretary

-       Education Council President

-       SOC President

-       PAC President

-       ISD President (International students only)

-       Environment Officer

-       Welfare Officer

-       Women’s Officer (Women and women-identifying students only)

-       Sports Officer

-       NUS Representatives

-       Ordinary Guild Councillors

The Guild Election is conducted with optional proportional voting, which means you can vote for just 1 option OR number as many candidates as you’d like on each ballot paper. But most importantly, you MUST write in the number 1 for the vote to be counted.

In the words of WAEC Returning Officer Mary Petrou: ‘All you need is number 1 to make your vote count!’


During Polling Week candidates are allowed to campaign on campus, but they must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct to maintain a positive election experience for all UWA students.

The Elections changes from 2019 will carry on to this year, which means:

  • There is a mandatory blackout period from 12.30-1.30pm each day, where no campaigning is allowed on campus.
  • Candidates must not campaign physically within 5m of any polling station (this includes campaign materials and posters).
  • Outside of Reid Library candidates and campaigners must stay out of the Fast Lane to allowed unhindered passage (check out this video for deets on the Fast Lane!)
  • Voting is not compulsory, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to vote if you don’t want to!

For more on what counts as misconduct, and the behaviour you should expect from candidates, you can find the Guild Elections Regulations on the UWA website.


Complaints from Group Agents, Candidates and general students for breaches of student Code of Conduct can be made via the Guild Managing Director: [email protected].

Breaches can also include people’s behavioural actions, any discriminatory action and bullying (including online/via social media).

Evidence is required, however if you feel a breach is made, an initial confidential conversation may be held with the Managing Director.

Questions about elections, voting and polling may be directed to Returning Officer Mary Petrou or [email protected].

Happy voting everyone!