October 27, 2020

Network of Women Students Australia (NOWSA) CONFERENCE 2020

Pauline Chiwawa

The NOWSA conference is an annual conference hosted by an Australian university each year for students across Australia who identify as women and people with lived experience of misogyny. The 2020 Conference will be held virtually and is being hosted by UWA: 30 Nov - 4 Dec

🟡What is NOWSA?

NOWSA is a grassroots movement established in 1987 with the goal of fostering a grassroots network that autonomously represents women and all peoples with lived experience of misogyny. Annually since 1987, a conference is hosted to provide students the  opportunity  to engage with political, economic, social, and cultural issues that affect women and allows students to share resources, skills, and knowledge. 

🟡Why it means so much for UWA to be hosting this years conference
  • It's the first time UWA is hosting the conference in 33 years
  •  It provides a platform for Western Australian students/activists and academics to share their knowldege, experiences and to have an opportunity to be part of  organising a national conference
  • It provides a platform to have critical discussion and a way of increasing visibility of intersectional issues facing disparate groups in WA
🟡Why should I attend this conference?
  • It's free, during the common semester break (30/11-4/12) and virtual (on zoom)
  • It will be an opportunity to network with students across Australia as well as actvists/advocates, influencers and academics internationally
  • It will be an opportunity to build your knowledge of critical domestic and international feminist issues 
🟡What's the event schedule like?

We thought you wouldn’t ask!

➖Visit: https://www.nowsa.org

🟡What are your socials? how do I provide feedback?

To keep up to date with speakers/announcements/giveways and provide us feedback:

➖Visit: https://linktr.ee/uwawomensdept

🟡How do I register?

You can register through the website. Feel free to share the link with friends at UWA, in WA or inter-state 

➖Visit: https://www.nowsa.org


Registrations close 23 November