July 9, 2021

8 Hot Electives You Might Have Missed!

Struggling to find some interesting electives this semester? Electives are a cool way to broaden your horizons – who knows, you might even be able to impress your friends and fam with your oddly-specific elective knowledge! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and scoped out a bunch of awesome electives on offer this Semester 2!

These units are all universally useful, manageable, and above all they are super interesting – minimal prerequisites required. For a full list of best units of all difficulty levels, check out our Best Units Guide! Otherwise, head to the UWA Handbook for all the official details!

ENGL2210 Cinema Classics

Impress your pals with your ~cultured-ness~ and embrace your inner movie buff with this brand-new unit!

This unit focuses on some of the most influential works of cinema, from silent film to Hollywood cinema and both independent and mainstream film. You’ll learn about film’s exciting and historically significant developments, cinematic form and genre, and central principles of film studies. Delving into topics from film narrative to editing and sound, you’ll also study recent film theories to understand the socio-political significance of the medium to round it all out!

MGMT1136 Management and Organisations

The ‘changing workplace’ is more than just standing desks and #workingfromhome!

This unit will introduce you to theories underpinning management and contemporary management practice; covering topics from cultural diversity to managing innovation to conflict and negotiation. You’ll come out of this unit well-equipped with a fundamental and complex understanding of how organisations function, which is valuable info for anyone in any sector!

GRMN1401 German Beginners 1

Hot Review: “A lot of love and effort went into organising this unit. No lectures, just three highly interactive hours a week with really friendly and highly-skilled teachers. There's many opportunities throughout the semester (both in-class and online) to practise what you've learned and get feedback… if you're looking to achieve high marks and begin developing German skills for life, so many extra exercises and resources are provided for you to work towards that.”

Keen to learn a language, even if travel is still a pipe dream?

This unit will equip you with basic German grammar and vocabulary, as well as cultural and linguistic awareness of contemporary German culture and society. You’ll also achieve language proficiency equivalent to Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages!

CLAN1001 Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention

Are you a veteran Percy Jackson fan wanting to relive the glory days? Simply have an interest in cool old stories? This could be for you!

This unit explores everything from the creation of myths, to development of Greek and Roman myth in literature and art, and even dives into contemporary attempts to understand the complicated relationship between myth and history. You’ll come out of the unit with a rich understanding of how classical myths continue to influence our cultural landscape.

MUSC1351 Women in Music

Interested in the intersection of gender and music? This unit is for you!

This unit will explore the complex interplay between ideologies, music and women throughout history and in diverse contexts. Topics covered are drawn from different musical genres, historical periods and places, for example: representations of women in nineteenth-century opera; African American Blues Queens of the 1920s; the role of women in the anti-apartheid protest movement; and female performers in Chinese courts.

ECON2105 Rise of the Global Economy

Did you enjoy Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Try Rise of the Global Economy – it’s basically the same but minus the apes and plus the economy.

This unit will arm you with all the international economic knowledge you’ll need to sit through any high-brow dinner party convo. You’ll examine the rise of globalisation from historical, economic, financial and political perspectives; leading into a better understanding of the global economy as it stands today and the current issues it faces.

IMED1108 Issues in Women's Health Across the Lifespan

Hot Review: “Such a great unit. Demelza is an amazing unit coordinator and the unit is so relevant to everyday life. Both men and women would benefit from doing this unit. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

This unit explores determinants of women's health across the lifespan: from conception, through childhood, into the reproductive years and beyond. With a particular focus on health promotion, a fundamental part of this unit is to examine interesting case studies, including Indigenous and global health issues.

FNSC2200 Mysteries of Forensic Science

Hot Review: “It was extremely interesting and engaging. The tutors were so friendly and helpful.”

Are you a true crime podcast/docco fiend? You’ve come to the right unit.

 This unit introduces students to the application of science to a key public area—solving crime. Students experience the contextual application of each discipline to problem solving in forensic case work. Content covers the skills and analysis techniques used in modern forensic science encompassing crime scene protocols and evidence evaluation, also looking at the legal and ethical issues involved in forensics.

LAWS1110 Crime and Society

Hot Review: “It was well presented and the lecturer and tutor made it enjoyable.”

Looking to embrace your inner Elle Woods? Although you won’t be learning the cardinal rules of perm maintenance, this unit could be for you!

Crime and Society provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of criminal behaviour. Social, psychological, biological, and opportunity-based approaches to understanding crime are used to provide a structural framework around which students can better understand individual and collective criminality in all its forms. This unit provides students with the skills to interpret criminal statistics and media reporting, providing the foundation upon which further criminological research can be launched.