May 21, 2021

ISD Update: Offshore Student Rebates & Return to Campus

Abdul Bin Abdul Rahim, Mature Age Students' Association

My fellow International Students,

I have recently sent the vice chancellor and the appropriate staff at UWA a letter regarding some of the issues all our offshore students are currently facing. Mainly, with regards to the fees and when International Students can come back and attend University physically. There has to be action taken promptly. This is not the first time I am approaching this topic but I do hope it is the last and successful attempt.

I cannot begin to understand the how frustrating it must be to be still paying the full amount and not be able to have face to face classes. I will continue advocating for a fee rebate for all offshore students currently enrolled in UWA. I want all of you to have an ease of mind when studying offshore especially since most of you are still facing COVID-19 restrictions in your respective countries of residence.

I am advocating for the University to put out a plan/announcement regarding when students will be able to come back as soon as they can. This would allow all of you to have an idea on what UWA’s position is regarding bringing international students back into WA.  I will continuously advocate for this announcement to be made for all of our international students.

To my onshore students, times have not been tougher. As an international student myself, I believe I would speak for most of you when I say this but, I do miss home. We have not been home for almost a year and a half and I do miss my family and friends back home. I am sure most of the international students here have mutual feelings. We need to rely on each other for support in this time and keep each other going. If you do need additional support, reach out to us!

Overall, I understand that during this time, everything feels at a limbo. What I can promise you is my continuous effort in advocating for you my international students. We must continue supporting each other during these difficult times. We must still push on because I know all of you are strong. We will get through this together. Both you and I.

My inbox is always available. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you require any assistance. I will always be willing to help. Thank you for your time, study hard.

All the best for your exams!

Abdul Rahman

ISD President 2021