August 6, 2020

Voting Now Open for the 2020 PSA Committee Election

Voting for the 2020 PSA Committee Election is now open! Read through the candidates for available positions below, and cast your vote before 5.00pm Thursday August 13.

The following positions have received 2 or more nominations and are eligible for election via online voting:


Jiaqi Huang

Hi! My name is Jiaqi and I am running to be the EMS Coursework representative. I am currently pursuing my Master of Professional Engineering degree (Civil Engineering) and also did my Bachelor degree with First Class Honours at UWA. Through interacting with students as a tutor, I understand student needs and really keen to help improve students’ learning experience. I also developed my interpersonal and organisational skills during working as a marketing assistant at Yes Centre and committee member at UWA Civil Society. I am very passionate in supporting students and I believe my previous experience would allow me to make a positive contribution to both PSA and students in my faculty.

Farhad Ahmed

Hi, I am Farhad Ahmed. I am currently pursuing my Master of Professional Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) degree. I joined in mid-2019, and I aim to finish my studies by mid-2021. I am highly motivated to join the PSA 2020 committee in the capacity of "EMS Coursework representative" because I would like to make the faculty a better place for all my peers. I aim to have meaningful discussions with the dean and the program coordinators to make sure that university decisions are taken in the best interests of the students. I also aim to assist PSA with events which will be beneficial for students. I have good relations with several faculty members and possess strong communication skills. Hence, I am sure that I will be the best fit for this role.

Khye Shean Tan

I am Khye Shean Tan, I am running for EMS (coursework) representative. I study Master of Professional Engineering – major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and currently in my second year of study. I am from Penang, Malaysia. I would like to be your faculty representative. I believe in the power of helping others. I am not good with words, but I promise you I will do everything in my power as a representative to help you, have a listening ear to any issues, from anyone who might have one. I will be collaborating with postgraduate student representatives within the school to ensure that sufficient resources are available to student in the faculty. However, I need your support in the upcoming elections, and I hope you do. Thank you.


Melanye Wawrik

I have been a post-graduate student at UWA since 2014 when I undertook my Juris Doctorate. This time around I am enrolled as a part time Masters student in International Law and find myself with more time to finally get involved on campus in the Guild. I think that I would make a good OCM as I have a couple of years experience Committee work to an adult learning school as an OCM. This would be a fantastic opportunity to become more active at UWA as a student. I work well with others and have a passion for education and student life and experience on campus. I am an enthusiastic friendly character, but serious about getting work done. This sort of experience will be of high value to me and I think I can be a great asset to UWA PSA if I am given the opportunity.

Ruth Emely-Pierau

My name is Emely and I am a fellow PhD student here at UWA. My research focus lies within the field of Computer Science, or to be more exact Machine Learning. I want to become an ordinary committee member this semester because it is important that our interests, the interests of all postgraduate students at UWA, are well represented within our university. I aim to be a part of the team that presents and communicates our needs, worries and desires. I have a keen interest in the running and governing of our university. The work of different committees and schools as well as their decision processes deserve our full attention. They affect us to a greater degree than we might assume. A good representation of us as an integral part of uni life and culture is therefore more than necessary. It is of significant value.

Jerin Paul Rajendra Paul

My name is Jerin Paul Rajendra Paul and a post-graduate pursuing a Master of Architecture. I am interested in the position of Ordinary Committee member (OCM) of PSA. If I join this committee, I can contribute my skills for the betterment of the club. I have extensive experiences in designing posters and images. I am interested in working with this club because all the postgraduate students from different parts of the country join at PSA and have diverse qualifications. Most important things I can learn from this OCM position is, I can communicate with students and socialize with them and understand different language and culture. I can improve my communications skills and build networks which will help my studies and career.

Jessica Boulter

My name is Jessica and I am a first year PhD student at the National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD). My project involves characterising how chemotherapy affects the way the immune system sees and interacts with tumours in preclinical models of mesothelioma. As a PhD student I believe that it is important to have a voice at the university, which a position with PSA provides. I would love to assist in elevating the experience of postgraduate students and being appointed OCM would give me the opportunity to do so. The position would also allow me to begin to establish a lasting relationship with the committee, and to help me develop important management and interpersonal skills as a young researcher.

Hina Lalchandani

I have worked in Banking sector for 11 long years in India. Having been part of Banking Association, I was holding posts of Local Secretary in Head office, and worked as a women Representative for 5 years. Now i wish to channelise my Political experience here by being part of PSA. I believe the students face numerous issues and challenges on diversified fronts and it often doesn't get resolved because they are not properly voiced. I would ensure that none of student finishes degree with the same personality with which we started. There should be an overall grooming. I would ensure maximum involvement of each and every student and be the person they first look upto when in need.

Amruta Krishna Valli Lakkoju

Hello! My name is Amruta and I’m a first year Doctor of Podiatric Medicine student! I’m a part of the PMSS (Podiatric Medicine Student Society) as the 1st year student representative and in my spare time, I volunteer over at PCH with Radio Lollipop and RMDH. I also used to take part in orientation activities until I got slammed with the chaotic timetable for this year. I thrive in an environment where I can help make someone’s job less hectic and so I would love to be an Ordinary Committee Member and help out wherever and whenever I’m needed, if given the opportunity!


Congratulations to Amlam Majumder, who has been elected unopposed as the FABLE Coursework Representative!

Voting in the PSA Election is now open! Cast your vote before 5.00pm Thursday August 13.