May 13, 2020

Support Our Students Campaign: Our Demands

Emma Mezger

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted every student's lives, from our academic experience through to our financial stability. The UWA Student Guild and the NUS National Union of Students is building the Save our Students campaign, which calls on the Federal Government and UWA to step up to support students during this pandemic. Our goal? To achieve an equitable outcome for all students at our University.


1. FEE REDUCTION: We are calling for a reduction in student fees by 20% for all students.
2. PARKING PERMIT REFUNDS: UWA students should not be footing the bill for this pandemic. It is unacceptable to take student’s money without giving them access to the service.
3. STAFF CONDITIONS: We oppose all cuts to staff and any other attacks to the quality of our education.
4. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SUPPORT: Most students including international students have lost their jobs. However, international students receive no government financial support.
5. CENTRELINK SUPPORT: We should be supporting working students, students who do not fall within the Job-Keeper or Job-Seeker program, and those on Disability Support and Carers pensions.
6. HOUSING SUPPORT: Students are struggling to stay on top of their finances. Housing support is particularly necessary to assist students who have no choice but to stay in on-campus accommodation. We ask that the Government introduce protections for students on their bills.
7. VISA EXTENSIONS: As some international students are not able to finish their studies on time due to changes that have been made, extending visas are essential to ensure they are able to complete their courses.
8. FAIR ASSESSMENTS: UWA students should not be academically penalised for the abrupt changes made to the way they learn.

If you want to get involved, join our photo campaign by uploading a photo of you with one of our demands, or share one of the demands below with the #saveourstudents slogan, along with a few sentences about how COVID-19 has impacted you. Make sure to tag the UWA Student Guild and NUS in the post!

For more information about the campaign please visit:

To further add your voice to the UWA Student experience, please fill out our Save Our Students Survey: