April 19, 2020

Resource Guide for Domestic Violence

Pauline Chiwawa

This guide has been compiled to outline the range of support services and resources available to those affected by domestic violence. This guide also serves as a useful resource for referring a friend, acquaintance, colleague or family member who may be experiencing domestic violence. You have a right to feel safe at home You have a right to feel safe at uni You have a right to feel safe at work Everyone's body and autonomy should be respected Domestic violence shouldn't be a silent epidemic.



  • Social Abuse- A form of abuse which aims to isolate a person from their support networks and social activities in order to assert power and control
  • Sexual Abuse- Any form of sexual activity or behaviour which is unwanted/ is without consent
  • Emotional Abuse- A form of violence which undermines a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing, sense of self-worth and independence
  • Image based abuse- Threatening to share or sharing intimate images or content without a person’s consent
  • Spiritual abuse- Denial or use of religious belief and practises to control a person
  • Stalking- Persistent unwanted surveillance and harassment
  • Dowry Abuse- Violence and coercion which is a form of economic control and exploitation
  • Reproductive Coercion- Behaviours which interfere with a person’s autonomy to make decisions about their reproductive health
  • Post-Separation Abuse- Violence used to keep a partner from leaving a relationship or controlling an ex-partner once the relationship is over
  • Physical Abuse- Physical force which is used to injure, harm or intimidate
  • Financial Abuse- The act of: manipulating a person’s decisions, using a person’s money without consent or taking control of a person’s financial transactions and accounts
  • Verbal Abuse- The use of verbal communication to demean, frighten, control and humiliate a person



North Metropolitan

 East Metropolitan

  • *Starick Services Inc Ph: 9458 1107
  • Ovis Community Services Ph: 9535 4775 E: [email protected]
  • Koolkuna Women’s Refuge Ph: 9255 2202
  • Wooree Miya Refuge Ph: 9221 1411 E: [email protected]
  • The Centre for Safety and Wellbeing Ph: 9398 5080
  • Orana Women’s Refuge Ph:  9370 4544

South Metropolitan

  • *Lucy Saw Refuge Ph: 9527 6872
  • Zonta House Ph: 6556 2430/ 6556 2402 E: [email protected]
  • Pat Thomas Memorial Community House Ph: 9535 4775
  • Warrawee Women’s Refuge Ph: 9432 9999
  • Wyn Carr House Ph: 9430 5756



*asterix indicates lead specialist emergency response services with the remainder being referral response services



  • Legal Aid WA
  • Family Violence Law Help
  • Women's Legal Service WA 
  • Tenancy WA
  • Albany Community Legal Centre 
  • Albany Family Violence Prevention Legal Services
  • Djinda Services at Relationships Australia (WA)
  • Law Access


  • Starick Domestic Violence Advocates: Walk into Armadale or Cannington Police stations or call Ph: 0448 121 531/ 0467 493 051 respectively
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (DVAS) Ph: 6330 5400 E: [email protected]
  • Welfare Rights & Advocacy Service
  • Koolkuna Domestic Violence Advocacy Service
  • Linking Hearts (operated by Muslim Women Australia for CaLD people)
  • Multicultural Women’s Advocacy Service (MWAS) Ph: 9328 1200
  • Living Proud for LGBT community Ph: 9486 9855
  • People with Disability WA Ph: 9420 7279 E:  [email protected]
  • Disability Royal Commission Advocacy Support Ph: 9721 6444
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Support Service (based in Katanning and covers 100km)
  • Sex Work; Education, Advocacy + Rights WA


  • Centrelink Crisis Payment
  • Victims of Crime WA Compensation Scheme
  • No Interest Loan Scheme for Women Experiencing Family and Domestic Violence (NILS-DV) from 2020-21 to 2023-24 (available through Good Shepherd Microfinance)
  • Major banks have domestic & family violence assistance programs
  • National Debt HelplinePh: 1800 007 007


  • For food vouchers/parcels, transport vouchers, chemist vouchers, clothes, furniture and part payment of utility bills you can contact your nearest community centre, church or community organisation


  • National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service Ph: 1800 RESPECT / 1800 737 732 (24 hours).
  • DV Women’s Counselling (Pat Giles) Ph: (08) 9300 1022 
  • Relationships Australia WA Ph: 9489 6363 / 1300 364 277 (Info Line)
  • Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation Healing Services Ph: 9218 9477
  • Qlife for LGBT+ people


For academic representation on academic issues and special consideration, food pantry/welfare packs, grants and interest free loans, health and wellbeing support including advice regarding tenancy and accommodation and referrals to on and off campus services


  • UWA Counselling and Psychological Services for individual counselling sessions Ph: 6488 2423
  • UWA Medical Centre for urgent care, chronic disease management, mental health services, contraception advice and procedures and more Ph: 6488 2118


  • Family courts and children’s courts are able to issue interim restraining orders on an ex-parte basis
  • Decreasing barrier for applying for restraining orders by enabling applications online
  • Permitting judicial officers to direct electronic monitoring for the accused and allowing courts to impose this requirement
  • Extending the limitation period for prosecuting breach of restraint orders to 2 years and creating an offence (with increased penalty) for breaching a restraining order


  •  Crisis Care Ph: 1800 199 008 / 9223 1111
  • Police-Emergency Ph: 000
  • Domestic Violence Legal Aid Unit Ph: 9261 6254
  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre Ph: 9340 1828
  • Lifeline Ph: 131 114
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline Ph: 9233 1188
  • Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline Ph: 9223 1199/ 1800 000 599
  • Entry Point Ph: 1800 124 684
  • Homeless Advisory Service Ph: 1800 065 892
  • Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) Ph: 13 14 50 or for Aboriginal languages translation Ph: 1800 330 331