September 27, 2019

September Guild Council Wrap Up

Conrad Hogg

Hey there!

This month's Guild Council was a short but important one. We recognised the positive climate emergency referdum result, and started a working group to investigate how the Guild can better support and represent students from low-SES backgrounds. Read more below!

Operational Motions

  • Approved $50,000 overspend for installation of the extraction for the Refectory, which allowed the Ref to open this semester.
  • Updated the Women's Department Rules to be more inclusive of non-binary people.
  • Made T&Cs for the use of EFTPOS machines by clubs.
  • Created a new working group to investigate how the Guild can be more inclusive of students from low-SES backgrounds, and support them to take up leadership roles within the Guild. Mike Anderson (current Access Co-officer) was elected chair of this working group.

Representational Motions

  • Council acknowledged the positive result of the climate emergency referendum and declared a climate emergency. The 2019 and 2020 Guild Executive will be consulting broadly with students to create a climate emergency action plan.

Motions Without Notice

  • We endorsed and encourage students to attend the Extinction Rebellion 'Spring Rebellion' and 'Flood the City Demonstration', recognising that climate change is an issue that many students care about deeply.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know!

Cheers and enjoy your study break


Conrad Hogg
Guild President
[email protected]