COVID-19 UPDATE: The Guild can now grant Financial Hardship Loans of up to $1000 to students who have been directly financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and are in need of financial assistance with living expenses.

If your financial circumstances have not been altered due to the pandemic, please discuss alternative financial options with Guild Student Assist.

Please read the below eligibility criteria and terms and conditions before applying.

An Applicant must have lost their employment due to COVID-19 and:

  • Be a currently enrolled student at UWA and a current member of the Guild.
  • Demonstrate financial hardship (have little to no savings to draw upon) during the COVID_19 pandemic.
  • Currently not receiving any wage or payments from any other source (eg: Job Keeper, casual wage)
  • Currently not living at home (a small number of exceptions may apply to this criteria, please discuss with Student Assist)
  • Have the potential to begin to repay the loan once pandemic is over.
  • Have at least 6 months of study remaining at UWA or demonstrate their ability to repay the loan prior to graduating.
Financial Hardship Loan Application Form

We offer two types of loans: Guild Emergency and Ordinary Loans. These are interest-free, but you need to be a UWA Guild member and a current student to apply for any of our loans.

We offer two types of loans: Guild Emergency Loans and Ordinary Loans. They’re both interest free! You’ll have to be a UWA Guild member and a current student to apply for any of our loans.

Ordinary Loans

A Guild Ordinary Loan must be related (either directly or indirectly) to your studies. Guild Ordinary Loans allows you to borrow up to $1,000. The loans are repayable over a 12-month period. To qualify for a loan, you need to show that you have the capacity to pay it back in the required time.

See the Terms and Conditions on the Loan Application Form for details.

To apply: Please complete the below form, and email it to [email protected].

T&C's and Application Form
Interest-free Guild Emergency Loans

A Guild Emergency Loan allows you to borrow up to $200 on the spot! They’re super handy if an unexpected bill appears, you lose your wallet, or even if you just leave your wallet at home and need ten bucks for lunch. The application process is quick and easy, and you can have up to six emergency loans a year.

Emergency Loan Repayments

If you borrow…

You need to repay within…


2 weeks


4 weeks


8 weeks