A little bit about the Committee

The Governance Committee guides the rules and policies of the Guild, and is in charge of interpretation of the Guild Regulations.

Although most students don’t see the work of Governance Committee, it is an essential part of making sure that the Guild functions.

The Committee is responsible for drafting, editing and/or approving nearly all policies or rules that are presented to Guild Council. It is also responsible for ensuring that the Guild’s rules meet the needs of the Guild and are enforced. This includes (but is not limited to) Election Reform, Policy changes, Department Rule changes, and governance recommendations.


The membership of the committee consists of:

  • Rashdina Ramli (Chair of Guild Council and Chair of the Governance Committee)
  • Prisha Goel (Deputy Chair of the Guild Council)
  • Amitabh Jeganathan (Guild President)
  • Aidan Mansfield(Guild Vice-President)
  • Ethan Nicholas (Volunteering Chair)
  • Julia Aguinot (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
  • Anushka Mukherjee (Ordinary Committee Member)
  • Kushagra Rathore (Ordinary Committee Member)
  • Levon Johnson (Ordinary Committee Member and Executive Officer of the Governance Committee)

Staff members sitting on the committee are:

  • Tony Goodman (Managing Director)