A little bit about the Committee

The Catering and Tavern Committee aims to continually improve the food and drink provided on campus.

We meet monthly to monitor and review existing services and functions of all our catering outlets, and to discuss possible new food and drink option items.

Currently our catering outlets include the Guild-run Village Cafe, Hackett Cafe, Catalyst Cafe, Quobba Gnarning Cafe, Dentistry Kiosk and Nedlands Cafe, and the Tavern. We also manage all outlets in the Refectory and food trucks on campus.


The Catering and Tavern Committee membership consists of:

    • Luke Thomas (Guild General Secretary and Chair of the Catering and Tavern Committee)
    • Bre Shanahan (Guild President)
    • Anna Kimpton (Pride Officer)
    • Steven Okbay (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
    • William Norrish (Environment Officer)

Staff sitting on the committee include:

    • Jack Spagnuolo (Associate Director – Commercial and Executive Officer of the Catering and Tavern Committee)
    • Rodney Taylor (Catering Retail Manager) (Long Service Leave)
    • Hayden Greenham (Tavern Manager)
    • Barbara Buxmann (Catering Retail Manager)
    • Daniel Lopes (Head Chef)

Standing invitees include:

    • Irene Conway (Senior Supervisor – Catering Outlets)
    • Fernanda Leme (Special Projects Officer – Catering)
    • Caitlin MacPhail (Marketing Officer)
2020 Catering and Tavern Committee Minutes
20 January 2020