Group Registrations close: 4:00pm Thursday 30th June 2022

According to Guild Elections Regulation 614(5)(a):

Each Group must submit a statement of between 100-150 words setting out the Group's vision and values and a description of what they stand for, the Group Agent's contact details and information about how Students can get involved with the Group (Group Statement) to be submitted to the Verification Program prior to the close of the nomination period and in hard copy at the same time the Group Registration Form is submitted. Each Group Statement is to be published on the Guild website.

Registered Groups (2022) A~Z

GLOBAL aims to deliver on an Inclusive, Diverse, and Empowering UWA community. We are looking forward to continuing this movement into 2023 alongside you for our 11th Year!

GLOBAL is made up of International Students who have always envisioned in providing the best campus experience to all Students at UWA, having walked the same shoes as you have and especially focused on the voice of the minorities on campus.

We have made a significant number of promises to students over the last few years, and we are proud to say that we have kept and delivered on more than 85% of them within 1 year and all of them within the next. We keep our promises to you!

If you are passionate about the Advocacy and Advancement of International Students and Minorities at UWA join GLOBAL and together, let us deliver on an Inclusive, Diverse, and Empowering community.

GLOBAL Group Agent: Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahim | 0434 137 042 | [email protected]

We are a group of students, who believe in a Student Guild whose sole purpose is to serve the students who elect and fund it. A Guild that is apolitical, dynamic, and innovative. A Guild that focuses on the quality of student education and experience rather than politics.

The guild is funded by your SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee), and Launch believes your money should be spent responsibly on student services that have a beneficial impact on your experience and education at UWA.

Launch believes students come to UWA to prepare for their future careers. We are committed to ensuring students get the best possible support to start their careers following graduation.

If you believe in a Guild that stands for students, not politics. Get involved by emailing [email protected].

Launch Group Agent: Cooper Mason | 0456 709 359 | [email protected]

Spark’s vision is of a Guild run by real students, who make real impact and change on campus - instead of the toxic hacks that have used these positions of power for personal gain. We want to achieve this by building a passionate and engaged community that is open for everyone and that stretches beyond just elected representatives.

Our grassroots approach means our policies are grounded in asking students what they actually want to see, and doing our research to make sure that we can deliver (rather than making false promises just to win votes). We want to see a Guild reimagined, and one that serves the student body instead of serving self-interest. The progress we’ve made in our first year has already created a less toxic, more inclusive, and more functional Guild, but to see our vision fulfilled we need students to put their faith in Spark once again.

Spark Group Agent: Prisha Goel | 0431 386 082 | [email protected]

STAR (Students Towards Active Representation) is a diverse team of progressive students passionate about representation and quality education. We believe the Guild must be led by students who care, and genuinely want to represent students’ needs on campus and nationally. We hold progressive values to represent all and amplify minorities’ voices on campus. Since our foundation 26 years ago, STAR has instituted major changes at UWA, including but not limited to, reducing the late penalty from 10% to 5% for submissions, eliminating 8:30 AM & 4:30 PM exams, implementing supplementary final exams, bringing IGA to campus, and building the Refectory with it’s multiple outlets. Since 1996, STAR has consistently shown that our teams are capable of leading a transparent and well-functioning Guild. Our independent, progressive, and experienced approach guides how STAR represents students, with quality education being our top priority. In 2023, a STAR-led guild will reinvigorate UWA post-Covid-19.

STAR Group Agent: Doug Jackson | 0429 300 555 | [email protected]

To Be Confirmed by Group Registration Closing deadline: 4:00pm Thursday 30th June 2022