It doesn’t take an expert to see that the world is wracked by crises.The climate crisis continues to spiral out of control as global emissions climb to record heights while so-called ‘natural’ disasters become more frequent and intense. Global inequality continues to rise in the face of cost of living pressures around the world. And war is again a major part of world politics, most famously in Gaza where shockingly, over 27,000 Palestinian civilians have been murdered by Israel’s war.All of these colossal issues are rooted in how we organise society. In particular, they are rooted in capitalism, a global system driven by competition for profits and power.The world needs more activists, and working people to get organised to fight these problems. But we also can’t settle for taking on the symptoms of these issues. We have to get to the heart of it.That’s part of the reason the world needs more socialists. Join this talk by Socialist Alternative UWA to hear the full case about why you should be an organised socialist activist today.

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23rd Feb 2024 @ 2:00pm 23rd Feb 2024 @ 3:00pm Add to your calendar

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Harold and Margaret Clough Engineering Lecture Theatre