The growing success of powerful women has led many to the conclusion that more women's faces in high places will challenge sexism. Representation, and the elevation of voices, supposedly create the basis for ending institutional sexism.

However, getting more women onto corporate boards or elected to high office, whether they’re black, queer, refugee, trans, or women who grew up poor, will not change the fact that the vast majority of women have to accept low pay, poor working conditions, inadequate housing, and underfunded social services, and are subject to gender roles, sexist stereotypes, and other sexist oppression. The success of powerful women in climbing to the top largely hinges on their contribution to maintaining this situation as it is.

Join Socialist Alternative UWA for a discussion on why we need to overthrow capitalism for women's liberation to be achieved

**meeting will have a cap. If more than 50 people arrive, excess patrons will be asked to leave. Social distancing with masks will be maintained and hand santisier will be available. 

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9th Mar 2022 @ 1:00pm 9th Mar 2022 @ 2:00pm Add to your calendar

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