Racism is entrenched into every facet of capitalism - from police brutality to economic inequality. In the face of an economic, health, and environmental crisis, oppression and inequality has only worsened. In response to this barbarity in the U.S, a multi-racial rebellion has exploded against these conditions. Through ongoing street demonstrations the Black Lives Matter rebellion has won many reforms in a matter of weeks, including cuts to police department budgets, and the charging of George Floyd's murderers.

With mass revolts simultaneously happening across the globe, the question facing socialist activists is how to turn these movements into revolutions that can tear down the whole capitalist system and every instance of oppression along with it. Join Socialist Alternative UWA at this meeting to discuss this important question. Call Scott on 0488 594 320 for more information.

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12th Aug 2020 @ 1:00am 12th Aug 2020 @ 2:00am Add to your calendar
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Fox Lecture Theatre