Hey MD3s and MD4s Back to base teaching is on most Friday afternoons and to kick things off for half of the cohort...we are putting on a mixer to allow staff and students the chance to mingle, meet each other and reconnect We will provide some chips for all and faculty are kindly putting a tab on the bar! Invite is open to those in the following rotations... MD3 A - Int Med D - GP/Ophthal E - Psych/Surg MD4 D - Selective E - Surgery F - IM And don't worry for those in the other rotations, an event will be on later in the year for the following cohort, with chips and drinks of course! We look forward to seeing you all there Ella, Akanksha, Ben and Jay ^^ description  This event is to encourage cohort cohesion and collaboration between MD3s and MD4s, as well as provide an opportunity for this social aspect of medicine to become regular and encourage students who may not regularly come to teaching events to do so after teaching sessions. This will also provide an opportunity for students to further engage and network with faculty staff for learning and employment purposes as we are in our clinical years of study and nearing the end of our medical practice in MD3 and MD4.

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3rd Feb 2023 @ 5:00pm 3rd Feb 2023 @ 8:00pm Add to your calendar
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Hampden Hotel