Wish you knew more about women's health and infectious diseases of poverty?

Interhealth Sexual and Reproductive Health is screening two films from the series ‘Kill or Cure’ to start a conversation on diseases which affect women. After the screening Professor Yee Leung, Gynaecological Oncologist from King Edward Memorial Hospital, will speak and answer questions from attendees.

Two 25 minute films from the BBC ‘Kill or Cure’ series will be screened.

  1. A Woman’s Disease : https://www.swpictures.co.uk/catalogue/a-womans-disease/

  2. The Real Lady Killer : https://www.swpictures.co.uk/catalogue/the-real-lady-killer/

'The Real Lady Killer' discusses the immense scale of to which cervical cancer kills women in the developing countries and follows campaigners like Sarah Nyombi - a politician in Uganda - and her journey in trying to find solutions in this battle against 'The Real Lady Killer'.

'A Woman's Disease' follows up on the diseases which affect women topic, discussing the strategies being employed to hold back the spread of syphilis in Kosovo and trachoma in Tanzania as well as tapping into the need for greater education in health care.

The evening will ultimately be an introduction to diseases which affect women both in high- and low-income countries and attendees with take home with them both a call to action as well as hope for a better future with better treatment and care. Through this screening, we hope to not only educate students on women's health but also start a conversation around cervical cancer, trachoma and syphilis.

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FJ Clark Lecture Theatre - QE2P: [G31]