Jacinta Price is visiting Perth for a "No" campaign event on Monday October 2. Price has whipped up disgusting racism towards Aboriginal people through the Voice to Parliament "No" campaign.She recently stated that Indigenous people are better off as a result of colonisation because "now we have running water, readily available food."

She criticised Indigenous organisations that “demonise colonial settlement in its entirety and nurture a national self-loathing about the foundations of modern Australian achievement”.

Price, alongside many prominent racists from the "No" campaign, argues that Indigenous people shouldn’t get “special privileges” and that opposing anti-Aboriginal racism is actually “dividing the nation”.

This rhetoric denies the ongoing racial oppression that Indigenous people face, from economic disadvantage to police violence and the destruction of sacred sites by mining corporations.

Join the protest against Jacinta Price's "No" campaign event to fight racism and call for a "Yes" vote to defeat the racist bigots!

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Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre