The Emergency Medical Challenge is an annual event where medical students, or those with an interest in Emergency medicine, compete in teams to complete simulated emergency scenarios. Each team will rotate through twelve stations which are each marked by a medical professional. Each station is to be completed in 10 minutes. Volunteers will assist as actors for the different scenarios. 

For each station, teams will be provided with a prompt which will instruct them on what to do for that station. The activity required for that station will depend on the scenario, for example a student may have to commence CPR on a mannequin, apply an oxygen mask or spinal collar. No scenraio will require running, heavy lifting or strenous exercise. There is also no use of or insertion of sharps (such as needles of cannulas) and therefore there is no risk of any needle stick injury. 

The purpose of the event is educational, students will learn important emergency skills used every day in hospitals. Participants will be working alongside practising doctors who will provide feedback and advice on how to handle common emergency situations. The event is also a great way to for students to meet other medical students and doctors alike that have a keen interest in emergency medicine.

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8th May 2021 @ 9:00am 8th May 2021 @ 1:00pm Add to your calendar

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Oak Lawn