Historically, Barbie dolls have played a terrible role in reinforcing sexist gender stereotypes, and upholding impossible beauty standards that crush girls’ body image. Mattel has profited off of this and is profiting off the new Barbie movie.

So it’s ironic then that the Barbie movie, directed by feminist filmmaker Greta Gerwig, accurately portrays elements of sexism in society. Hilariously, it’s led a range of hard right figures - from Ben Shapiro to Elon Musk - to cry, moan and sulk about how often the movie says the word ‘patriarchy.’ It’s also led to a lot of women breaking up with their right-wing boyfriends. Socialists share in the critique of how sexist society is - including the sexist double standards and degrading gender roles.

But socialists also go further and argue the whole organisation of society under capitalism brings women down and oppresses them.

Join the Socialist Alternative club at UWA to discuss how the sexism of this system works and how we can fight it.

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Fox Lecture Hall